Tips for Choosing a Bike Helmet

Tips for Choosing a Bike Helmet

Tips for Choosing a Bike Helmet – Currently, cycling is being loved and loved by various groups of people. When cycling, you must also prioritize safety by using a variety of safety equipment. You have to choose the best bicycle helmet to use.

If you are still confused about choosing a bicycle helmet that can be used, you should listen to this article to the end. We have summarized some tips for choosing a bike helmet along with recommendations for a bicycle helmet specifically for you.

Before deciding on a brand or brand, you must first determine a suitable bicycle helmet. Here are some tips from us that you can use to choose and buy a bicycle helmet:

1. Choose a Helmet Entry Model that Fits the Shape of the Head

In general, the shape of the human head is divided into two, namely round which is usually owned by Asians and also oval which is usually owned by Westerners.

By choosing a bicycle helmet according to the shape of the head, it will create a sense of comfort when using it and also more guaranteed security.

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2. Choose a Certified Bike Helmet

Don’t forget to choose a helmet that has been certified by SNI, because a certified product definitely has good quality and is guaranteed.

In addition to SNI, you can also choose a helmet with a Snell certificate, ASTM F1447, or CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

3. Choose a Helmet that Suits the Activity

The type of helmet that must be used of course must adjust to the activity you are doing. If you like cycling on the streets or road bikes, you can choose the type of aerodynamic helmet.

However, if you prefer to ride freeride, downhill or dirt jump, a full face helmet is safer to use. Other types of helmets that can be chosen; such as mountain bike helmets, leisure helmets, kids helmets, aero road helmets, and many other types of bicycle helmets.

List of The Best Mountain Bike

List of The Best Mountain Bike

List of The Best Mountain Bike – Aviator has a bicycle frame made of the best components and a soft suspension from Japan. This bike can be used on both offroad and highway. Comes with a variety of sporty and elegant designs that you can choose according to your individual taste.

Its sleek and elegant design makes this Aviator mountain bike popular with many people, especially at an affordable price.

Price range: IDR 756,250 – IDR 4,219,800

Atlantis Mountain Bike

The next recommendation is the Atlantis mountain bike which has high quality but is still affordable. For those of you who prioritize comfort while driving, the Atlantis mountain bike is the right choice. This is because the bike is design with a sturdy body and a lightweight front shock.

Another plus, the price is also friendly in the pocket but still durable in use for a long time. Very suitable for those of you who want to find a bicycle at an affordable price.

Price range: IDR 824,999 – IDR 1,650,000

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Thrill Mountain Bike

At the beginning of its appearance, this local bicycle brand was famous for its products that had top-notch quality. Thrill mountain bikes are made with quality components that are lightweight and flexible and prioritize your comfort while riding. This bike is suitable for use in light to difficult terrain.

Another advantage, this Thrill comes with a fashionable and elegant model with a wide variety of variations. Then related to the price also varies depending on the specifications selected.

Price range: IDR 750,000 – IDR 20,700,000

Genio Mountain Bike

Another high quality local product that we should be proud of is Genio. Being in the same production house with United, of course, this bicycle is made with the best components that are comfortable to use both on the highway and soft offroad.

Regarding the model, this Genio mountain bike comes with a simple but elegant model when used across the street. In addition, the affordable price is also another advantage of this Genio mountain bike.

Price range: IDR 937,500 – IDR 2,500,000

Best Mountain Bike Recommendations

Best Mountain Bike Recommendations

Best Mountain Bike Recommendations – The following is a list of the best and quality mountain bikes that we recommend.

1. Odessy Gunung Mountain Bike

The Odessy mountain bike has a strong frame and a soft suspension suitable for riding in any road conditions. For offroad lovers, it is recommended to try this one bike. The design of the Odessy mountain bike is exclusive and looks luxurious. The bicycle frame uses an alloy frame that is light and strong and durable.

Price range : Rp. 1.000.000 – Rp. 4.250.000

2. Polygon Mountain Bike

The quality of the Polygon mountain bike is unquestionable. Polygon mountain bikes are tough and durable to use. The advantages of this brand mountain bike are that it has a sturdy and lightweight frame, seatpost stem and handlebar that can last for years.

Many types are launch by Polygon that can be adapt to the needs. Starting from MTB, City Bike, BMX, Road Bike and many more types.

Price range : Rp. 1.000.000 – Rp. 27,300,000

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3. Wimcycle Mountain Bike

One of the favorite bicycle brands for riders which is the best locally made bicycle brand. Durability and quality are capable of making this bicycle brand explore the international market. This mountain bike is suitable for traveling off-road roads.

Equipped with disc brakes and speed options up to seven gears with an easy-to-operate system. The Wimcycle mountain bike frame is sturdy and still light because it is made of Aluminum Alloy. The bicycle frame also has a 5 year official warranty. Many choices are provided for adults and children.

Price range : Rp. 1.000.000 – Rp. 3,440,000

4. Mountain Bike United

The next mountain bike is United. The United brand is Polygon’s toughest competitor. United has quality and guaranteed components. For 50 years working as the best manufacturer, the United bicycle brand has become a favorite among riders. With its simple and trendy appearance, it is very comfortable to drive.

Price range: IDR 2,000,000 – IDR 15,275,000

How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike

How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike

How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike – Cycling is a type of cool and fun sport that has many benefits for our bodies. Routine cycling can help reduce the risk of various diseases such as heart disease, cholesterol and so on.

In addition to making your body healthy and fit, this one activity can also make your mind more relaxed. You can do cycling activities on asphalt roads to more challenging areas such as mountains.

Talking about mountain bikes or commonly known as MTB (Mountain Bike) of course you will imagine a bike that is strong, strong, durable and has the right price. Given the many bicycles on the market. Here are tips on choosing and recommending mountain bike brands that can help you.

Tips for Choosing a Mountain Bike Brand

1. Recognizing the Type of Bike

The first thing you should know is the type of bike. Broadly speaking, there are four types of bicycles with different specifications and uses. The four types of bicycles are as follows: Road Bike, Mountain Bike (MTB), BMX and City Bike.

2. Prepare a Budget

Bicycles have different specifications according to needs. The price that must be paid to get a dream bike also varies. Types of mountain bikes are sold starting at Rp. 1 million. Apart from bicycles, you will also need some accessories such as helmets, water bottles and comfortable cycling clothes.

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3. Choosing Suspension

You have to understand the difference between hard trail or full suspension. Hard trail has no suspension at the rear, but is suitable in rough terrain. While full suspension has a softer comfort but is not suitable in heavy terrain. If you like cycling on steep mountains then the right choice is hard tail.

4. Matching Cycling Style

Choose a bike that matches your cycling style. Do you prefer cycling on city streets or in the mountains. Mountain bikes can also be used on city streets.

5. Adjusting Height

When choosing a mountain bike, make sure it fits your height. You can ask the seller about the bicycle frame that suits your height. This is very important for comfort when cycling.

List of Trusted Tricycle Bike

List of Trusted Tricycle Bike

List of Trusted Tricycle Bike – Fisher Price Touch Steering Trike. Fisher Price does not want to be absent in creating products that can entertain children. One of the best tricycles out there is the Touch Steering Trike, which starts at one million rupiah. This bike is considered safe for children from toddler age. For those of you who want to train your child’s motor skills from an early age, try giving him this bike.

This bike is equipped with a belt that fastens directly to the body, your child may not get more freedom of movement, but it will be safer from the risk of falling. If the child is tired of pedaling, you can help push the bike through the control stick and let the child’s feet rest on the available footing.

Jefferys London Taxi Tricycle

Jeffreys re-issued a tricycle that puts this classic design forward. On the wheels, there is a Union Jack (British flag) motif which makes it look even more attractive. This bike is also equipped with a cool design bell on the handlebars.

The steel design makes the London Taxi Tricycle durable and sturdy. Back to discussing the wheel, this bicycle wheel is made of a soft EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) polymer. Because it is not accompanied by a backrest, this bicycle should be given to children who can sit stably.

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Plan Toys Balance Tricycle PT3478

This bicycle is made to help train a child’s balance before using a two-wheeled bicycle. No pedals included, your child can focus more on adjusting his body balance. This tricycle bike made of recycled wood is definitely lightweight, comfortable, and also environmentally friendly.

You can teach your child the importance of adopting an eco lifestyle by giving him this bike. In addition to the frame made of recycled wood, this bicycle wheel is also made from recycled plastic. This is because Plan Toys is famous for its environmentally friendly educational toy products.

Looking back at the best tricycles in the list above, have you found the most eye-catching product? Tricycles must be safe and comfortable when used by children. These two aspects are very important.

Recommended Tricycle Bikes for Your Child

Recommended Tricycle Bikes for Your Child

Recommended Tricycle Bikes for Your Child – Radio flyer classic red tricycle with push handle. These bikes may seem classic and old-fashioned. However, seeing the bright red color bandage, not only your child who likes it, you too. Presented at a fairly high price, this bike certainly doesn’t want to disappoint parents with the quality it offers.

That’s why Radio Flyer designed this bike to be ideal for all ages. At the time of the toddler, the bicycle can be assisted by parents to control via a stick that can be adjusted in 3 positions to provide your comfort. After the child gets older, the stick can be removed and let the child pedal the pedal so that the leg muscles are trained.

Jefferys IIMO – Gentle White

Are you planning a weekend getaway with your family? You can buy this bicycle so that children can play freely in the garden at the hotel or villa where you stay. Jeffreys, a Japanese brand, released a foldable tricycle bikes. Even if you only use it at home, you can still have it thanks to this feature that makes it easy to store.

This bicycle prioritizes comfort as well as safety for children who use it. There is a seat belt that fits the child’s body. Regarding comfort, Jeffreys includes a backrest with a layer of foam as a cushion so that the child’s back does not hurt when leaning. Not to forget, this bike is also equipped with a control stick and a footrest in addition to the pedals.

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SmartTrike Glow 4 in 1 Baby Trike

For those of you who have a large budget; we recommend this bike because it can accommodate all the needs of children while cycling. Seat belts, control sticks, backrests, canopies, footrests, and storage pockets are provided by this bike. Tires made of premium plastic stand up to all roads.

This bike is categorized as an all-in-one tricycle. With complete safety features, the SmarTrike Glow 4 in 1 Baby Trike can also be used from children aged 10 months, you know! When the child is 1 year old and up; and wants to move more freely, you can remove other components; such as the sunshade, belt, and control stick.

List of Tricycle Bike With Affordable Prices

List of Tricycle Bike With Affordable Prices

List of tricycle bike with affordable prices – Yoeyoe Tricycle deserves to be added to your wishlist. This bicycle is assembled from iron material as the main frame. The tires themselves are made of rubber so that children can ride their bicycles on even slippery floors, such as ceramics for example.

However, this bike is not equipped with safety soap and control stick. So, you need to be extra supervising your young child playing with this bike. Push the bike slowly so it doesn’t go too fast. In addition to red, this bike also comes in purple and blue color variants.

Ching Ching Z2 Police Tricycle TR-09A

This bike is not designed like a tricycle bike in general, but resembles a racing motorbike. In other words, this product, which is more like a police motorcycle, is perfect for your little boy. Made from a combination of quality plastic and metal, the Z2 Police Tricycle TR-09A is able to withstand loads of up to 35 kg.

This tricycle is quite complete in terms of security, starting from the seat belt and the back of the bench can be found. Not only that, Ching Ching also equips it with a control stick to make it easier for you to push and steer the bike. If you want to train your child’s gross motor skills, this bike has also been provided with front and rear brake pedals, you know!

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Family Tricycle Bee Model

It’s nice to take the kids for a walk in the afternoon. However, the sun’s rays are still strong to make many mothers discouraged. Therefore, Family presents a family tricycle with the addition of a hood or head protection. With the canopy, your child can avoid direct sunlight entering the child’s upper body area.

In addition to the canopy, this bike also provides a control stick. This bicycle can be used by girls or boys; because there are actually variants of other characters and colors that can be adjusted by the child’s character. The existence of a seat belt and suspension system on the wheels makes it safer and more comfortable for children.

Choosing The Right Type of Bike for Kids

Choosing The Right Type of Bike for Kids

Choosing The Right Type of Bike for Kids – If you want to train your child’s leg muscles, the bicycle pedal located in front is better. However, if you want to teach your child to cycle as early as possible so that the transition to two-wheeled bicycles is easier, then choose the pedal in the middle. This kind of pedal is also easier to pedal and the steering is easier to steer.

Pay attention to the material of the frame and tire components

The steering wheel, main frame and tires should be light for the child. Although light, bicycles also need to ensure durability so that they are not easily broken. Some manufacturers create products made from plastic to iron. Choose the one that is comfortable for your child. The iron frame may be stronger, but the weight is a bit heavy.

While another part that is not less important to note is the tires. In general, children’s tricycle bike tires are designed from plastic, foam, and rubber materials. Plastic tires may make the bike lighter, but they wear out more quickly on uneven terrain. Then, a bicycle made of foam and rubber is more resistant to the shock of uneven roads, but will feel heavier.

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Buy one equipped with certain features

Features that are usually embedded in a tricycle are the canopy, music, and can be folded. If you feel the need to protect your child from the sun when cycling during the day, choose a bicycle with a canopy or hood as found in a baby stroller.

If you need a product that is practical and can be folded, choose one with these features. Foldable bicycles will be more compact in size so you can store them in the space provided at home. Finally, a bicycle with cartoon characters or equipped with music sounds will make the child more happy when riding it. So, consider this point too.

Isn’t it easy to choose a tricycle? Just by paying attention to a few elements, you are sure to get the right product. Furthermore, this article has compiled the ten best tricycle brands that you can use as references. Hope you find the right one and are of interest to you. Happy choosing!

Finding The Perfect Tricycle Bike

Finding The Perfect Tricycle Bike

Finding The Perfect Tricycle Bike – To train the child’s leg muscles in a fun way, parents can give the child a tricycle. In Indonesia, tricycles are quite easy to find. There are so many brands that create this bike, starting from Fisher Price, Jefferys, and SmarTrike, which can be purchased through online shops or bicycle shops.

For children, riding a tricycle will be a fun experience. Therefore, for those of you who still have toddlers, introducing him to a tricycle will encourage him to keep moving for better growth and development. In this article, you will find the best tricycle bike products. However, we discuss first what it is like to choose the right tricycle. Listen right away, come on!

How to choose a tricycle for a Good Child

The tricycle is a fun toy for children. However, a sense of comfort and security must be prioritized by you as a parent. So that your children can cycle more freely and happily, consider the following points when choosing a tricycle. Important, you know!

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1. Look for one that provides a control stick

The control stick on a tricycle is useful to help children control the bicycle. In children who are still one year old, their ability to pedal or turn the handlebars is not perfect. Therefore, check the availability of this stick which is attached to the back of the bicycle.

With the control stick, you can accompany your child to play a bicycle. You also don’t have to bend over to push the bike. Children can play more cheerfully because they are accompanied by their parents. If you want to save money, you can look for a tricycle with a removable control stick. When the baby grows up, the stick can be removed and the bicycle can still be used.

2. Pay attention to the position of the bicycle pedal

The bicycle pedal is an important component that will cause the movement of the bicycle speed. In Indonesia, we often find bicycles with pedals on the front, precisely attached to the front wheel. While in other countries, tricycles are also designed with pedals in the middle between the front wheels and the two rear wheels.

PMB, Strider and Jefferys Kids Bike Review

PMB Strider and Jefferys Kids Bike Review

PMB Strider and Jefferys Kids Bike Review – Want to buy a bicycle as a gift for your child’s 1st birthday? The PMB 919 Safari bike will make your child happy. This tricycle with a height of 66 cm comes in a variety of color choices so that it can be adjusted to the gender of your child.

Just like other bicycles, the PMB 919 Safari also has a front basket with the addition of a cute stuffed monkey. The handleless saddle has a backrest to prevent your child from falling backwards. Then, this bike is also equipped with lights and songs. Guaranteed, your child will feel at home when playing with this bike.

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Take your kids to play in a safe complex environment on this one-of-a-kind Strider bike. A sporty look will make your boy look so cool. This two-wheeled bicycle is not accompanied by standards and pedals so it will be suitable to help the child’s learning process to balance his body.

Strider recommends this bike for children aged 1.5 – 5 years. The saddle handle on this bike is height adjustable. Thanks to this feature, of course your child can still use this bike until he is more than 5 years old. No need to worry about the strength of the frame because Strider has designed this product with patented steel that will maintain the strength of the frame for years.

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Jefferys London Taxi Kickbike

This kid’s bike is so light. With a weight of only 2.9 kg. your child can push forward without requiring excessive force. Jeffreys created this bike for the learning needs of children aged 2-5 years. If you want to train your child’s balance, this product is for him. In fact, he will also be free to study wherever he wants thanks to the light weight of the bicycle so that it is easy to carry anywhere.

Not only superior in terms of overall component weight, but more than that. The Jeffreys London Taxi Kickbike offers a height-adjustable saddle. If you want to have a tall child, we recommend raising the saddle slightly so that only the tips of the child’s toes are touching the ground. That way, the child’s leg bones will get stimulation to grow faster.

Comforting Kids With Recommended Bike

Comforting Kids With Recommended Bike

In this pandemic era parents comforting kids with recommended bike. Children stuck at home because school is not open yet, therefore buying your kids good bike can help killing your kids time.

Bike Recommendation:

Polygon ALICE12

The name Polygon is not a new player in the bicycle industry. This brand has issued a special children’s bicycle for those of you who have daughters. You can buy this bike as a first gift. Let your child ride with other friends while being supervised on this bike.

Soft pink and white with the addition of Alice in Wonderland-themed character details, your daughter will look so cute when she wears it. This bicycle is designed from steel so it is more durable and resistant to rust. Not to forget, Polygon added a soft back seat and a front basket to put your child’s toys to play with his friends, such as tired of pedaling a bicycle.

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Nachita Kids Bike 12″

For those of you who are planning to buy your child a good bike but are constrained by the budget, this product from Nachita is worth considering. Only marketed at a price of 500 thousand, you can already see children having fun while riding it. This bike has a bright purple color that is suitable for your daughter to wear.

In the seat or saddle, Nachita equips this bike with a backrest so your child can rest without having to get off the bike. Not only that, this product is also accompanied by a front basket with a cute character. While on the back there is a box with a cover that will secure the goods when it rains.

Kouan Children’s Folding Bike 12″ LKF-121

Attractive design with additional details makes your little girl look adorable while riding this bike. Kouan designed this children’s bike with the addition of 2 wheels on the back. For those of you who want to introduce your child to a bicycle as well as train their leg strength; use this bicycle without worrying about the child falling off the bicycle.

On the bicycle chain there is a protector that covers the chain. While on the front and rear wheels there are metal fenders to keep your child from being splashed when the bike passes through puddles of water. Then, at the front end is listed a basket large enough to put your child’s balls or other toys. The presence of a back seat allows your child to ride in turns with other friends.