Best Kids Bike Review

Best Kids Bike Review. Thrill Push Bike. A children’s bicycle without pedals and a standard or commonly called a strider will be a loyal playmate for your child. This Push Bike from Thrill can encourage a child’s ability to control their body balance from an early age. The bicycle frame is made of premium alloy material, making it stronger and lighter.

If you need a bicycle that is light and not easily damaged, of course this one product is perfect for buying it for your child. The Thrill Push Bike itself is not equipped with a brake handle so your child doesn’t have to double his concentration to control the bike while simultaneously pressing the brakes suddenly. This product comes in 5 different color choices, your child can choose according to their preferences!

Element MTB RMB Venice 12 ″

This bicycle with a weight of 8.9 is certainly quite heavy. However, Element matches the weight of this kid’s bike with a variety of extras. Like on the back there is an additional seat with soft pads. Your children can ride with friends or for those of you who have 2 small children with a not-so-far age difference, they can also ride on each other.

Not only that, this children’s bicycle is also equipped with a medium sized basket to load a number of your child’s items. The iron material used ensures that this bike is stronger and not easily broken. The eye catching color of this bike will suit your daughter.

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United Bike Aero

United Bike designed this kids bike complete with a drinking bottle storage area under the saddle or seat. With this drinking bottle, of course your child can play longer without worrying about feeling thirsty and ruining his fun. United Bike relies on magnesium alloy which allows your child to lift the bike to the park or field more easily.

Apart from being light in weight, this material is also known to be stronger and more durable. On the chain, there is a cover to prevent children’s pants from getting caught or other unwanted things from happening. Not finished, United Bike also added a brake with a cable that slipped into the body of the bicycle frame; so that it wouldn’t interfere with your child’s performance while playing.