Bicycles for City Driving

Bicycles for city driving, especially those of Soviet production, are very popular with summer residents and people living in rural areas who carry crops from the garden, etc. on the trunk. For this purpose, they are mainly bought. By the way, leaving such a bike in the country is much calmer than some more sophisticated model that thieves will instantly notice. Although in our time, as I have been convinced more than once, absolutely everyone steals.

Design features

Let’s now go directly to the design of the city bike. Most often, on modern city bikes, you can find the following:

large rear trunk;
front basket;
wide, soft, spring-loaded saddle with leather or vinyl upholstery;
adjustable steering wheel;
metal guard on the chain and fenders.

The brakes are most often drum foot brakes, but there are also rim and even disc brakes. There are no shock absorbers. The transmission can be without a gear shifter or with a complex planetary rear hub. As a rule, universal city bikes have only one or several gears. There are multi-speed models with a cassette mechanism (from 7 to 21 speeds), but it will be of rather poor quality.

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The frame of a road bike is long and predominantly steel (aluminum are less common), there are closed (male) and open (female) types. Landing is high, and the weight of the bike is usually in the range of 15 kg. The fork is curved at the bottom and slightly elongated, which somewhat mitigates the impact of the front wheel on bumps in the road.

City bikes are typically 20 to 28 inches in size for the most comfortable fit, and clincher tires are available with increased durability, medium width and shallow tread pattern. Some models are additionally equipped with a footrest, a rear-view mirror, electrical equipment (headlights), a bell, an anti-theft lock, etc.