Bike Essential Accessories for Comfortable Riding

Bike Essential Accessories for Comfortable Riding – One of them is an Anti-theft lock. If you need to park your bike somewhere for a short time, then this device will come in handy. Although I don’t really trust this kind of thing and try not to leave my bike unattended anywhere.

Parking lights and reflectors. To increase your safety on the road in the evening, it is imperative to have a headlight, tailgate and reflectors on your bike. You can also use special reflective tapes on your ankles and wrists.

Cycling gloves. This accessory is not one of the necessary ones, it is just that it is more convenient to ride with gloves on long distances (the grips do not rub so much).

Bike helmet. It is most used when mountain biking, but if the conditions in your city are too extreme for movement on the road, then this thing will also be necessary, because you will feel a little safer.
Velochki. Will definitely be useful to you, tk. when at speed some midge (at best) or a pebble from the car in front of you flies into your eye, then you will definitely remember my recommendations.

Cycling backpack. I can say right away that in it you can put on the road almost all of the above + food and water. Definitely a necessary thing.

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The Question

You are probably asking: do I really need to buy all this? From personal experience, I can say yes. But first, take at least the first 5 items from the accessories, it will definitely come in handy for you, and you can buy the rest over time. I haven’t told you this yet for the seatbags, the water bottle, the bike call, the rearview mirror, and other trifles. Such things are already purchased as needed, so see for yourself. And now let’s move on to an equally important issue.

Where to buy a city bike?

There are only four purchase options: a bike shop, online stores, a market, buying a used bike on an ad. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them.