Garage Door Repair Brea: Tips Replace the Garage Door Torque Door

There are two springs on your garage door. Long springs attached to the top of the door are known as tension springs or side springs. A spring attached to a metal plate that is mounted and located above the center of the frame and parallel to the surface of the frame is called a torsion spring. Torsion springs work according to the basic principle of tension and have wires attached to the bottom sides on each side of the door. If the garage door springs need to be replaced, you can replace them yourself if you know the procedure or if a professional does the job.

It is important to note that changing springs can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken because of tension in the springs. You must take extreme precautions because you can lose your fingers, eyes, hands, limbs or even your life. That’s why most of these garage door repair Brea leave to professionals.

• Release the tension in the old springs before replacing
• Do not touch the cable drum
• Make sure you never turn or twist the spring with a screwdriver
• You must always insert the rod that fits into the coil core before you touch the captive screw. Do not use an electrical outlet or wrench box.
• Hold the rod in the cone when changing springs.
• When a spring is injured, never touch the clamp.

The procedure for replacing a garage door spring is:

• Disconnect the power supply and unplug the power cord from the hole. Take it out of the garage door. Some older NC contacts must remove the fuse or turn the switch.
• Make sure you have the correct torsion springs to replace the old one. Check the new type and dimensions to the old spring. Do not touch the roll or reach for a torsion spring.
• Be sure to mark each end of the shaft to align the door with a new spring installation.
• Loosen the fixed spring and the screw that holds the cone to the bracket.
• Replace and reinstall all hardware.
• Be sure to open the spring that was replaced.
• Check the garage door for level and balance.
• Apply a little oil to reduce friction.
• Connect the garage door opener and check if it works.