Discussion About Odessy and Celcius Bike

Discussion About Odessy and Celcius Bike

Discussion About Odessy and Celcius Bike. When it comes to motorbikes or cars, indeed Indonesia has yet to have its own proud production. But for bicycles, there are already many Indonesian bicycle brands worldwide such as Polygon, Thrill, United, Pacific; and the ones we will discuss are Odessy and Celcius bicycle brands.

The thing you need to know is that Odessy and Celsius are basically owned by the same company, which is owned by PT LINTAS BANGUN NUSANTARA which is located in Blitar, East Java.

History of ODESSY Bikes and CELCIUS Bikes

At the beginning of its establishment, this Odessy bicycle started as an ordinary bicycle shop, which at that time known as the biggest shop in Blitar with the name of its bicycle shop, namely Toko Jaya.

Toko Jaya itself is one of the biggest shops in Blitar and been around since 1960.

Even though it was only a bicycle shop, at that time Toko Jaya had successfully expanded to Bandung and Jakarta.

Finally, since 2005, the first bicycle with the ODESSY brand created and continues to work in the Indonesian bicycle industry with variants of racing, MTB, Folding, BMX and Mini bikes.

Even though it is still relatively new, ODESSY bikes still prioritize the best quality with guaranteed prices that can be affordable by the general public.

CELCIUS bicycle

After taking part in bicycle production; the Company finally decided to make a bicycle with a quality Luxury Bike with a new brand called CELCIUS Bicycle.

As the name of the type is “Luxury Bike”, it is as if the company wants to image and compare that CELCIUS type bikes will be made more luxurious than those of the ODESSY brand.

Where do we know that ODESSY bikes have synonymous with bikes that are known for their cheap and affordable prices.

Even so, it is not known for sure; why the company had to create a new brand and brand called CELCIUS to sell bikes that seemed luxurious. Even though in fact it is possible to just add certain series that seem more luxurious. However, it is all the right of the company to create a new branding brand called Celcius.

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However, in its development; some bicycle lovers still think that the CELCIUS brand still doesn’t see much difference between ODESSY and CELCIUS.

Even the impression is still the same; including the model, and the price is not much different from the ODESSY bicycle brand.

But in the end, let the market judge.

In terms of quality, the company itself has claimed that its production has now obtained the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certificate and the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

Bike To Work With Folding Bike

Bike To Work With Folding Bike – Of course, many want to be able to go to and from work by bicycle. The cool term is Bike To Work. By cycling we can get several benefits at once. We can channel hobbies, the body becomes healthy, supports the go green movement and what is no less important is to save expenses.

Folding Bike For Bike to Work

However, sometimes the Bike to Work activity is difficult to apply. One of the reasons for this is due to the size of the bicycle. Bicycles are quite risky if parked carelessly. Apart from being easy to lift, the security devices are relatively easy to break too. Especially if parked in a place that lacks supervision.

Now, to overcome this, folding bikes can be the solution. This folding bike or folding bike is generally quite compact in the folded position. When folded, of course, the bicycle becomes more compact and easier to carry. Therefore, you can bring your bicycle into the workspace and put it under desks, lockers or anywhere else possible and safe. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your bicycle. Even for certain types, when folded, they are only the size of a suitcase for clothes.

Folding Bike Easy To Carry On Public Transportation

In addition, for bike to work activities that are quite far away (for example: Bogor – Jakarta), it is almost impossible for the bike to work fully. We might be late when we get to the office, besides that, we must also be tired before work. To work around this, we can use public transportation such as MRT or buses.

Well, in a case like this folding bike also makes it easier for you when using public transportation. On a regular bicycle, it is almost impossible to get your bicycle on public transportation. Yes, besides taking up a large space, it can also disturb the comfort of other passengers. Indeed, certain modes of transportation allow passengers to ride bicycles. However, it is usually permissible to increase it if it is in a concise / incomplete state. Of course, ordinary bicycles will be quite troublesome when loading – installing. Now, with a folding bike, this can be overcome easily. Yes, because folding bikes are designed to be folded in a compact position.

This folding bike generally has a small wheel size. What we often and easily encounter today are folding bikes with 16 and 20 inch wheels. Of course, the small wheel size aims to make the bicycle more compact when folded.

Folding Bike Can Also Be Fast.

Wow, the wheels are small, are you tired ?! Don’t worry, folding bikes have been designed in such a way to overcome this problem. Usually folding bikes are equipped with a large chainring (front gear) such as on a road bike (52T or more). With the large chainring, the small wheel diameter can be compensated for. I had a trip together with friends. At that time I used a folding bike with 20 inch tires and my friends mostly used MTB (wheel size 26 / 27.5 inch). And thank God I’m not overwhelm.

Well, that’s a glimpse of folding bikes that can be a solution for those of you who want a bike to work. With folding bikes, the problem of impractical bicycle size can be resolve and your bike to work can be realize. Please visit Tokopedia or Shoppee to purchase your dream folding bike.