Biking Experience in The Russian Village

Biking Experience in The Russian Village

Biking Experience in The Russian Village – The next day, the very day when I realized who the Benders are! Now, in order …

We woke up at about 09:30 fresh, with excellent health, went out into the yard, then the hostess asks: “Do you want to mow the grass?” – Naturally, I replied: “Yes!” And damn me to agree!

It looked like robots for 15 minutes, but it turned out until 13:00. There was water in the garden, and all the grass lay, the garden was all uneven – in hemp and stones. The braid was stupid and hadn’t been used for about 20 years! In short, it was not realistic to mow, I took off my shoes and got down to business.

In an hour, I mowed a couple of meters and the hostess, seeing the situation, went to her neighbor Vasya for a scythe and galoshes. As a result, she brought galoshes and a torn braid! The first two strokes and the scythe died, then I mowed with the old scythe, and the hostess carried back the broken scythe, but the neighbor was not at home.

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Time passes, and this neighbor Vasya flies into the yard screaming, mating and shouting: “Sho then for a mower, sho breaking my braid, then you will see me new braid …” I explained to him for about 10 minutes that the braid was torn, but it screamed as a patient and constantly repeated that the braid was like new! I miraculously restrained myself so as not to sink it into plywood! When he realized that he could get a lyuley, he ran, without turning around and shouting, something in Bendery. And these are neighbors!

I continued to mow with the old scythe, but after three hours of work I got pretty tired; and decided that I had had enough, and Anya was already kapets nervous; and the hostess and grandmother were charging: “Why didn’t you finish the mowing?”. I was shocked and immediately explained to them that I had come here to rest, and not to mow your fucking grass! Here’s a question right off the bat: “What should I end up with?” I almost blurted out to catch the bike tourists. And then it dawned on me that even over time, benders remain benders.

Cycling in The Mountain of Chornogoritsa

Cycling in The Mountain of Chornogoritsa

Cycling in The Mountain of Chornogoritsa – After 4 hours we got to the city of Yaremche, which is surrounded by mountains on all sides, there we stopped at a bike rental, where we met one of two adequate people during our entire stay in that part of our country, and this guy’s name is Lech, he is also a bike rider like we, but local bottling. He suggested to us mountain trails, steep in their beauty and coverage, as he traveled all along and across!


After a kind consultation, we went to the railway station in order to find out about tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk on the 30th, and there an aunt turned up for us, who rented us housing for 40 grams. per person. We threw everything unnecessary with her and rushed into the mountains along the trails that Lech recommended to us.

The mountain range “Chornogoritsa” is 1400 meters high, the ascent to which took us about four hours. Along the way, there were mountain streams, and in the most picturesque places there were tables and benches stylized as hemp for a snack and rest.

Near each table there is an urn or garbage bag, tiny lakes and almost at the top of the huntsmen’s houses. At the very top of the mountain, climbing the trail, we smelled a sharp, characteristic smell, and there were also hoof prints on the trail!

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Wild Boar

After the words “this is a wild boar!”, Anya’s eyes enlarged and the phrase “I will not go further!”, But we went! We climbed to the very top and took a couple of photos as a keepsake! The state of health after such an ascent is bombastic, physical fatigue simply disappeared when you stand at the very top of the mountain, breathe fresh air, your beloved is nearby, and a haze is gathering around you, you need to feel it!

It was getting dark … We began to pack back. Anya’s eyes got even bigger after she realized that we were going to downhill! 🙂 A fragile girl with fear in her eyes took her horse and we flew 40 minutes from the mountain, flying into steep turns as if, as it should be, taking off on irregularities and raising smoking behind us. I naturally went into the gap, but every time I waited again and again, in places that were not surmountable for her, she naturally climbed off the bike and crossed on foot, I did not climb down to the very bottom, I just enjoyed it. When I hit a big rock, my rear tire went flat! In 10 minutes I eliminated the problem, but Anya managed to freeze, after another 10 minutes we were at home.

Bicycle Trip to the Carpathians

Bicycle Trip to the Carpathians

Bicycle trip to the Carpathians – They say that a long time ago, far away from the land they had a ride … There were two of them, and they had a fabulous love! Once he told her: “Let’s go to the Carpathians!” – and she agreed … This story is about how young guys from the city of Kakhovka made their first bike trip to the Carpathians.

So, on May 27, 2015, after some light preparation, we broke off … It looked like this: from Kakhovka to Odessa by bus, from Odessa to Ivano-Frankovsk by train and then on our own to Yaremchey, through Nadvornaya, Strymba, Delyatyn, Loevaya …

I’ll start from the very beginning! At 05:00 in the morning on 05/27/2015, we with sacks on bikes arrived at the bus station of the legendary city of Kakhovka, comrade Alexander Gubka came to our aid, who helped pack the bikes into special bicycle bags and stuff all our belongings into the bus. This is how our journey began!

We arrived in Odessa at 12:20, there we collected our horses and in an hour we drove to the railway station, and at 15:29 we got on the train with already packed bikes and set off for Ivano-Frankivsk. Fortunately, there were adequate people in the compartment and treated our greats with understanding, one stood on the lower shelf, and the second hung over the head of our fellow traveler.

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Hello Carpathians!

Everything went smoothly. We arrived in Ivano-Frankivsk, at about 6 am, drove around the city for two hours. After that we waited until the newsstands and the bazaar opened, they bought a card and a portable charger for a mobile phone, after which they rushed to Yaremche along Konovalets Street. We drove slowly, because I was on a loaded bike, and Anya had rubber with a huge tread!

The landscape after leaving the city from ours, in Kakhovka, was no different, but the further we drove, the more expressive in the distance, the outlines of bluish mountains in a foggy haze became. It seemed to be close to them, but as it turned out, they still had as much as 64 km along the highway!

Things You Need To Know About Bike Pedal

Things You Need To Know About Bike Pedal

Things You Need To Know About Bike Pedal – And of course, just like for the contact pedals, you will need special shoes and spikes, which are fastened with three bolts (usually included). The spike is composite or plastic and is wide across the sole. The contact shoes for road pedals with very rigid soles do not have a tread, which makes it almost impossible to walk in them. The most popular among cycling enthusiasts and professionals are Shimano, Look, Wellgo and others. Some road owners still prefer mountain pedals for their versatility. The price is quite varied, ranging from $ 40-60 and above.

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Pedal maintenance

Whether your bike pedal are inexpensive or well protected, it is recommended that you check the bearings and relubricate them once a season. For pedals with poor moisture and dust protection, it is necessary to change the lubricant immediately, as soon as a characteristic crunch appears in the bearing.

When servicing the pedals, first remove the remnants of old grease and dirt with a rag or paper towel. You need to clean the cups inside the body, the axle and the balls. If this is an industrial bearing; then the boot must first be removed from it and then the old grease must be removed. After the old grease has been removed, a new one can be applied. To do this, you can use lithol or a special lubricant that is sold in every bike store.

In order to protect the stud holes (if you are removing them) from dirt, you can fill them with wax. Periodically, it is also recommended to check whether the nuts on the axle are loose; but it is also not worth tightening them too tightly. It is best to have a change of footwear for cycling to reduce the chance of pedal contamination.

Choosing the Right Kind of Bike Pedals

Choosing the Right Kind of Bike Pedals

Choosing the right kind of bike pedals – The advantages include the fact that you do not have to fasten in especially difficult riding conditions and ride on a platform. Also, there is no binding to any one type of shoe. You can also buy pedals first, and then shoes.

Among the shortcomings, the following can be distinguished: inconvenience during the beginning of the movement, and with any shoes, tk. first you need to find the required side of the pedal with your feet; the speed of engagement drops significantly, especially for experienced riders who are accustomed to riding on contacts, because they need treadmills much less often than it might seem from the outside; it is not necessary to buy combined pedals, it is enough to use a special adapter platform for contact.

Contact pedals

This bike pedal variety is perhaps the most popular in the cycling community. They do not have platforms, like the models described above, but they have a special mechanism for fastening. As a rule, they come with special spikes, with the help of which fastening and quilting takes place.

The main material for the manufacture of contact pedals is various aluminum alloys. You will need special cycling shoes to use them. Among the manufacturers are Shimano, VP, Mavic and others. The starting price is approximately $ 35. You can read more about clipless pedals in the next article.

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Road pedals

They are used only on road bicycle and have a very rigid mount. Due to the fact that dirt rarely gets on such pedals, their design is made in such a way as to fix the foot as clearly and rigidly as possible. In addition, they provide maximum stability due to the large contact area between the shoe and the pedal. But the frame that fixes the spike can be about a third of the length of the shoe. Road pedals are almost always one-sided, due to their dimensions, so as not to excessively increase the weight of the entire structure.

Types of Bike Pedals to Buy

Types of Bike Pedals to Buy

Types of bike pedals to buy – Here, in comparison with walking pedals, the fixation is much better, while, like on the contacts, the problem of “dead spots” is solved. If you nevertheless opted for toe clips, then you will need to practice well beforehand to learn how to quickly pull out your leg. In order not to disrupt blood circulation in the lower extremities, do not overtighten the straps, but at the same time, they should be tightly tightened.

Folding pedals

Quite an unusual design of walking platform pedals with a simple; but rather reliable swing-folding mechanism, which allows you to significantly reduce the size of the bike. They are best suited for folding compact bikes. The axle is made of high-strength alloy, which maintains strength and rigidity while riding. The main idea of ​​folding pedals is ease of storage and transportation, they also will not allow you to cling to the bike if it is in your home. Such pedals are extremely rare, and their price is about $ 12. They are made mainly by Author and VP.

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Semi-contact pedals

If you are a fan of downhill and extreme skiing; then you should pay attention to professional pedals with a platform; and contacts (semi-contact pedal). This is a cross between MTB; and clipless pedals and they are considered to be combined, tk. applied in two disciplines. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that on the one hand there is a conventional platform, as on general-purpose bike pedals, and on the other, a special contact mechanism for fastening cycling shoes.

For the semi-contact pedals, aluminum alloys are used, and for the XC discipline, even carbon can be used. They look impressive – a lot of aggressive elements, a wide platform; on which it is very convenient to put your foot, and the presence of spikes; and contacts prevent it from slipping. You can find these pedals under the brands VP, FDP, Shimano, and others starting at $ 30.

General Purpose Bike Pedals

General Purpose Bike Pedals

General purpose bike pedals – They differ from the previous ones in a metal case, in the base of aluminum, and have spikes on the surface of the platform. They are used both for city walks and for cross-country, you can also say that these are entry-level pedals for those who have not yet decided on their riding style. Installed on bicycle of the middle price category. Manufacturers: VP, Longus, Wellgo, etc. Price from $ 7.

Which pedals should you choose for your bike?

Extreme MTB Pedals

MTB pedals, or in the slang of cyclists – “stompboxes”, are mainly made of aluminum alloys. Unlike walking ones, they are of higher quality and are already at a higher level. MTB pedals have a wider platform and are used most often for non-aggressive riding. They can be with spikes, which significantly improves the grip of the foot with the surface, or without them. Used not only by cross-country fans, but also by BMXers. You can find XC pedals in the bike shop for $ 10 under the brands: VP, Wellgo, Xpedo, Mpeda, etc.

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Pedals with toe clips

In their design, such pedals, in addition to the platform, also have special straps that provide the cyclist with a tight fit of the legs while riding bike. The foot is placed on the platform and additionally fixed with a strap. By design, they are similar to contacts, but they lose significantly to them, and at the same time, they are much better than ordinary ones. Pedals with toe clips (from the English toe clips) seem to be a kind of “golden mean”, but they are still significantly outdated and are used mainly by cyclists of the “old school” or on touring and track bicycles.

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Choosing Bicycle Pedals

Choosing Bicycle Pedals

Choosing bicycle pedals – By design, bicycle pedals fall into 3 broad categories:

Platform – used with almost any shoe;
Contact – used in tandem with special cycling shoes;
Combined – on the one hand they have a regular platform, and on the other – a contact mechanism and allow you to wear both types of shoes.

According to their purpose, the pedals, in turn, are divided into several types:

Walking strollers are designed for city driving and are made of a plastic case. Quite weak and too slippery for off-road riding.
General Purpose – Mainly includes combination and metal platform pedals.
XC are lightweight platformless clipless pedals that require special footwear.
Extreme disciplines – pedals with powerful spikes located on the platform, also contact pedals with an auxiliary platform.
Highways are contact pedals that are not compatible with mountain ones due to the fact that they have a different standard and are design for the most rigid fixation of the legs.

Types of pedals

Let’s now take a closer look at all the existing types of pedals so that you can better navigate when choosing them in the store. Let’s start with the cheapest ones and end with the professional and expensive ones. This will help you understand which pedals are suitable for which riding style.

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Platform pedals:

Walking pedals

Lastly they are the simplest ones and are usually found on cheap bike. The body is make primarily of plastic. These pedals are use for walking and city bicycles. They have a rather flimsy design, respectively, they do not hold their legs well, which will constantly slip. The starting cost of walking pedals is about $ 5, and they are make by such companies as: Longus, VP and other lesser know ones.

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Which Pedals to Choose for a Bike

Which Pedals to Choose for a Bike

Which pedals to choose for a bike – Hello everyone! Today I will have a very interesting and informative article for you about which pedals to choose for a bike. You will also find out what types of bike pedals exist, I will tell you a little about their structure and maintenance.

Bicycle pedal device

Well, first, we’ll start with a little theory. What exactly are bicycle pedals?

Bike pedals are a part of the system (connecting rods) that sets the bike in motion with the help of the cyclist’s legs, followed by the rotation of the carriage shaft and then through the transmission to the rear wheel.

Let’s consider their structure using the example of the classic and most common bicycle road pedals.

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So, they consist of:

Threads are cut at both ends of the axle. For screwing into the connecting rod, thread M14x1.0 or M14x1.25. They are screwed on the left – with the left thread (unscrewed clockwise), and on the right – with the usual right (unscrewed counterclockwise). This method of fastening prevents pedals from twisting tightly when rotating, and it is believed that in this way they do not unscrew while driving. At the opposite end of the axis there is a thread of standard M7x1 (right), a cone is screwed on the short one.

This taper is used to fine-tune the ball bearings. A groove is additionally cut along this thread, in which the mustache of the washer is fixed; which is installed between the locknut and the end of the cone. The ball path of the axle, taper and pedal cups are hardened to obtain a hard surface; and all surfaces on the outside of the parts are chrome plated.

At first glance, bike pedals seem to be a fairly simple mechanism; but a variety of their types and manufacturers can lead to a stupor of an unprepared person; who decides to purchase them for his two-wheeled friend.

Rubar 1481: Design vs Comfort

Rubar 1481: Design vs Comfort

Rubar 1481: Design vs Comfort – The advantages of Rubar 1481 are immediately visible: sporty design, light weight, anatomical cut, quality. All this is quite consistent with my aesthetic requirements. I installed a saddle on the bike on the same day, but I only had a chance to ride two days later, when the torrential rains ended.

The first impression is rigidity! Yes, after the usual soft saddle, it seemed a lot harder to me. A few days later, riding to work and back home, I got used to it and, to some extent, even got used to it. But as soon as I took a ride out of town, I realized that my fifth point was not yet ready to withstand such a rough landing. One familiar cyclist advised me to buy special shorts with a diaper, which reduces chafing between the legs, and also increases the comfort of cycling. And so I think about it, to buy or not.

I would like to know your opinion on this issue. Do you use diapers and how do you ride these saddles? Write your tips and tricks in the comments below, I will be very grateful! And that’s all for me. I also recommend watching my two video reviews of the Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 bike saddle for a full review. I would also be grateful for reposting this article in social media. networks. You can buy a saddle here.

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Chinese Saddle Pictures

P.S. A few days after the publication of this article, I had a good time to ride around the city and (you will laugh) arriving home in the evening, not feeling my fifth point, I cursed this saddle for a long time to myself.

Still, it is very, to put it mildly, not comfortable to ride off-road in a Rubar, the whole crotch hurts. So for now, I decided to put my old saddle back and ride it until I buy myself a cycling shorts with a diaper, because this is just a mockery of my butt.

The next day, having left for work on an old saddle, I felt as if I had moved from a wooden stool onto a plush sofa. I had to choose comfort, not beauty. In general, something like that, see for yourself.

Rubar 1481 Bike Saddle Specifications

Rubar 1481 Bike Saddle Specifications

Rubar 1481 Bike Saddle Specifications – I spent about a week looking for the right saddle that would meet all my aesthetic requirements, scanning all kinds of online bike parts stores. And somehow I accidentally went to Aliexpress and began to wool around the marketplace. The search there was no longer so long, the “rubar” somehow immediately caught my eye and I began to study its characteristics.

The first thing I noticed was a lot of positive reviews about the quality and design, as well as a high seller rating and the number of orders for this product. I was also pleased with the color assortment – you can choose almost any color of the bike. But his actual characteristics are as follows:

Overall dimensions: 280 mm * 140 mm.
Net weight: 253 grams.
Material: PU leather.
Purpose: highway, cross-country.
Features: anatomical cut, ruler for adjusting the fit.

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I didn’t think for a long time and ordered a saddle from a Chinese, who sent my order after 6 days. I suspect that the delay was due to the fact that my color was out of stock. Well, okay, this is not the worst thing that can happen on Ali.

And now, after 3 weeks, I received my long-awaited package. Many slander Ukrposhta, but, nevertheless, as I later became convinced, parcels from China to Ukraine arrive quite quickly, which is very pleasing.

When picking up the parcel at the post office, I even doubted that there was a saddle; because it seemed to me somehow very light. The seller did his best to pack it; it was wrapped in a bubble wrap in several turns and underneath it directly into a bag. The saddle before my eyes fully met my expectations and even more – I was delighted. In general, okay, now about the main thing, why is it so cool?

Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 City Bike Saddle

Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 City Bike Saddle

Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 City Bike Saddle – Good day, my dear riders! Once again, I am glad to welcome you to my blog and today I prepared a small review of the package that I received from China – the Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 saddle. You might be interested in this product.

Why Rubar?

I’ll start my story, perhaps, by explaining why my choice fell on this particular saddle. Do not judge strictly, but I have been a cyclist for quite some time now and I just trudge with how my bike is being transformed with every new detail. Rubar 1481 was the highlight that transformed the look of my Bianchi Kuma. And it’s not just the saddle design. Its color scheme was just perfect for the overall style of the bike. But all its advantages, in comparison with a conventional saddle, and the disadvantages I will describe below.

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In general, a city bike is an economy class bike, just for those people who use it for purely economic, practical purposes and just for recreation. So far, modern city bikes are still in the minority on our roads due to poor development of bicycle infrastructure. Nevertheless, in recent years there has been a steady increase in the acquisition of city bicycles, because many people find something for themselves in them: style and beauty (choppers, cruisers), mobility (folding), convenience (comfortable), etc.

Citibikes are also low maintenance and very practical. Already in many cities of Asia and Europe, the bicycle has long been almost the main means of promotion. Let’s not lag behind the entire civilized world, because cycling is a guarantee of good health and good mood!

Well friends, I hope that you have easily figured out what a city bike is. In the following articles I will look at the rest of the subspecies of citybikes, so see you soon!

The Unboxing of a City Bike

The Unboxing of a City Bike

The Unboxing of a City Bike – Today, modern city bicycles can be found in various designs, i.e. there are several subspecies, which include:


But I will tell you about them in more detail in my next articles, so do not miss it. Now let’s look at the main advantages and disadvantages of city bikes.

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The advantages of city bikes:

a wide range of types for any needs;
beautiful and graceful appearance;
comfortable ride due to the high seating position, comfortable saddle, etc .;
good speed and rolling due to smooth tires;
simplicity and low cost of maintenance;
practicality in clothes (you can ride in whatever your heart desires);
low cost unlike sports bikes.

The most worn-out mechanisms – gear shifters and brakes, are simply absent or well protected from dirt, therefore they require minimal maintenance, which is also a good advantage.

The disadvantages include poor permeability on a bumpy road and mud due to the narrow tire tread. Also, classic road bikes are quite heavy because have a weight of about 15-18 kg, depending on the configuration and in comparison with mountain bike – a much lower speed.

As you can imagine, they are not intended for sporting purposes, although some people still manage to ride such bicycles. But this is most likely the exception to the rule.

City bike landing

Now let’s talk about boarding a city bike. The cyclist sits almost upright, his back is only slightly tilted forward. There is practically no load on the hands, because the steering wheel is located at the level of the abdomen, thereby increasing the efficiency of maneuvering, as well as improving the view of the road.

Due to the “wrong” redistribution of efforts, the pedaling efficiency is rather low. The city bike is not designed for long distance travel and fast riding. The wide and cushioned saddle (with a cushioned seatpost or springs) creates the illusion of comfort. But this is far from the case, tk. even after a not too long ride, the saddle begins to chafe and the fifth point “fades”.

Bicycles for City Driving

Bicycles for City Driving

Bicycles for city driving, especially those of Soviet production, are very popular with summer residents and people living in rural areas who carry crops from the garden, etc. on the trunk. For this purpose, they are mainly bought. By the way, leaving such a bike in the country is much calmer than some more sophisticated model that thieves will instantly notice. Although in our time, as I have been convinced more than once, absolutely everyone steals.

Design features

Let’s now go directly to the design of the city bike. Most often, on modern city bikes, you can find the following:

large rear trunk;
front basket;
wide, soft, spring-loaded saddle with leather or vinyl upholstery;
adjustable steering wheel;
metal guard on the chain and fenders.

The brakes are most often drum foot brakes, but there are also rim and even disc brakes. There are no shock absorbers. The transmission can be without a gear shifter or with a complex planetary rear hub. As a rule, universal city bikes have only one or several gears. There are multi-speed models with a cassette mechanism (from 7 to 21 speeds), but it will be of rather poor quality.

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The frame of a road bike is long and predominantly steel (aluminum are less common), there are closed (male) and open (female) types. Landing is high, and the weight of the bike is usually in the range of 15 kg. The fork is curved at the bottom and slightly elongated, which somewhat mitigates the impact of the front wheel on bumps in the road.

City bikes are typically 20 to 28 inches in size for the most comfortable fit, and clincher tires are available with increased durability, medium width and shallow tread pattern. Some models are additionally equipped with a footrest, a rear-view mirror, electrical equipment (headlights), a bell, an anti-theft lock, etc.

Everything About City Bike

Everything About City Bike

Everything About City Bike – Hello guys, everyone! In this article, today you will learn about this type of two-wheeled transport as a city bike, what it is, as well as its main purpose and design features. Well, let’s take a closer look at city bikes!

Surely almost every one of you can say with confidence that at least once in your life you have ridden such a bike. And for many, as well as for me including, this is generally the first “adult” bike, on which they had to learn to ride, and from which, in fact, the hobby for this type of transport began. Someone, perhaps, it was “Ukraine”, someone “Tourist” or “Aist”. Almost many of us started out with simple Soviet bike.

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City bike, what is it?

Well, now let’s take a look at what a simple city bike looks like today. As you can see, it has not undergone fundamental changes in its design; but perhaps it has become more modern in appearance, although the quality sometimes leaves much to be desired; especially in the most budget models, but this is a topic for a separate article.

A city bike (from the English city bike) is a bicycle that is designed specifically for riding on flat terrain; both on the asphalt roads of the city, and for short walks outside of it. These bicycles are designed for long-term use, and also have the ability to carry small loads.

This type of bike is quite rich in its variety. Among the two-wheeled representatives of the urban type, you can find both classic bike (with a trunk and fenders) and completely unusual models that combine comfort, speed, and practicality.

Sometimes, for an inexperienced buyer in a bicycle shop, it can be difficult to figure out how a mountain bike differs from a road bike, because some models of different types may be similar to each other. And yet, no matter how original modern city bikes look, they are united by one thing; they are all created for movement within the city limits.

City Bike Price

City Bike Price

City Bike Price – Now the market has a huge assortment of city bikes and everyone can find any bike they like and can afford. I will not write a specific price for each bike, but I will only describe the average prices for each category. So, you can buy a city bike for:

$ 100-250. Most often these are Chinese auchan, which are constantly breaking down. So you will have regular repairs and constant smut. Among the brands are: Ardis, Atant, etc. Also in this price category can be attributed to Russian bicycles Stels, but their quality will be much better than China.

$ 250-400. Quite not bad low-budget city bikes. Ideal for short trips (1-2 hours a day) and will last for quite some time. For this money, it is best to give preference to such brands as: Comanch, Rock Machine,

400-700 $. For this money, you can purchase an excellent model on which you can take daily long walks. Such a bike is unlikely to break down soon and will not let you down on the road. In this price range, the leading brands are: Kellys, Author, KTM, Felt, etc. This category, as for me, for ordinary walks is the maximum that an ordinary user can buy. Good value for money.

700-1500 $. Of course, these are not the most expensive bikes yet, but these are definitely high-budget models – the best city bikes that require minimal maintenance and are practically unkillable. In this price category, it is worth giving preference to firms: Giant, Cube, Specialized, Trek, Orbea, Schwinn, etc.

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Useful Tips

Well, let me summarize for you a small summary of this entire article. So, if you are buying a city bike for a relaxed ride, then you don’t need any additional speeds and a shock absorbing fork. The main thing is to choose the right frame and saddle. The average price of a city bike for which it is worth buying is $ 400-700. Such a great one, will serve you faithfully if you take care of it at least minimally: store it correctly in winter and periodically lubricate the chain.

The Method to Buy a City Bike

The Method to Buy a City Bike

In this article I’m going to show you the method to buy a city bike. There is a lot of way of buying city bike, but the trusted source is very scarce.

Bike shop

Buying a bike in a specialized store, you will protect yourself as much as possible from all kinds of fakes and defects. You will definitely be helped to choose the optimal model, as well as provide service and warranty service. The disadvantages include only a higher cost in comparison with the market and online stores.

Internet shop

This bike purchase option is most suitable for experienced cyclists who are well versed in details. Here, a big plus will be lower prices than in retail stores in your city, as well as an official guarantee. The main disadvantage is the inability to make sure of the correctness of the choice and to touch the product with your own hands.

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Spontaneous Markets

The prices here are much lower than in a specialized bike store, and there is also a high probability that you will be slipped into some kind of bullshit. It so happens that under the guise of a high-quality bike they will sell you some mega sloppy Chinese Auchan, which in a month will start to crumble. Usually sellers there collect everything on the knee and anyhow. Accordingly, you are unlikely to be given an official guarantee even for a maximum of 1 month.

Buying a used bike

And we have the last purchase option, which also should not be discounted. Buying a bike on the secondary market is also not a bad option; but here you need to be well versed in bicycles; or have a friend who can help you inspect and check a used bike. You can find very cool bikes for 2; or even 3 times cheaper than in a store; you can play a little and ride for quite a long time. But they can also slip some kind of sludge when the outside is seemingly normal; but inside everything is rotten or there are cracks in the frame, etc. So, when choosing a used bike; you should be extremely careful.

Bike Essential Accessories for Comfortable Riding

Bike Essential Accessories for Comfortable Riding

Bike Essential Accessories for Comfortable Riding – One of them is an Anti-theft lock. If you need to park your bike somewhere for a short time, then this device will come in handy. Although I don’t really trust this kind of thing and try not to leave my bike unattended anywhere.

Parking lights and reflectors. To increase your safety on the road in the evening, it is imperative to have a headlight, tailgate and reflectors on your bike. You can also use special reflective tapes on your ankles and wrists.

Cycling gloves. This accessory is not one of the necessary ones, it is just that it is more convenient to ride with gloves on long distances (the grips do not rub so much).

Bike helmet. It is most used when mountain biking, but if the conditions in your city are too extreme for movement on the road, then this thing will also be necessary, because you will feel a little safer.
Velochki. Will definitely be useful to you, tk. when at speed some midge (at best) or a pebble from the car in front of you flies into your eye, then you will definitely remember my recommendations.

Cycling backpack. I can say right away that in it you can put on the road almost all of the above + food and water. Definitely a necessary thing.

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The Question

You are probably asking: do I really need to buy all this? From personal experience, I can say yes. But first, take at least the first 5 items from the accessories, it will definitely come in handy for you, and you can buy the rest over time. I haven’t told you this yet for the seatbags, the water bottle, the bike call, the rearview mirror, and other trifles. Such things are already purchased as needed, so see for yourself. And now let’s move on to an equally important issue.

Where to buy a city bike?

There are only four purchase options: a bike shop, online stores, a market, buying a used bike on an ad. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Things That is Needed For Cycling

Things That is Needed For Cycling

Things That is Needed For Cycling – Perhaps these are the main elements of the bike, which need to be treated with special attention, everything else is secondary and can be replaced with something better over time, if desired. Ok, what else do we need besides the bike itself?

Related accessories

Well, we figured out the basic configuration and now let’s talk about additional bells and whistles, tk. the matter is clearly not limited to one bicycle. For a safe and comfortable ride, as well as for the simplest maintenance of the bike, you will need a variety of equipment.

It should also be borne in mind that the total cost of all the necessary accessories can be about 1/3 of the cost of a bicycle. Here you already decide for yourself what you need and what not. But it’s best to budget for useful accessories in advance.

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So, you will need the following bike accessories:

Bike pump. You can’t do without it, tk. 1-2 times a month you will have to pump up the wheels and, of course, when you hit the wheel and change the camera.

Spare camera. Useful during long trips. If a puncture happens on the way, you can always get it out of your backpack and replace the damaged camera. I already talked about how to choose a bicycle camera on my blog.

Bicycle repair kit. It is a set that includes patches and glue. You can use it to seal the puncture on your camera.

Hexagon set. It should also be in your bike medicine cabinet. it will be necessary to adjust the height of the saddle or the tilt of the handlebar, adjust the brakes, etc.

Chain lubricant. I think you are aware that a bicycle chain needs to be lubricated periodically; in order for the entire drivetrain to last as long as possible. A small tube of Teflon grease is enough for a season.

Choosing The Right City Bike Based on Specs

Choosing The Right City Bike Based on Specs

Choosing The Right City Bike Based on Specs – Most often, you can find a rigid fork in inexpensive models, but if the budget allows, then you can give preference to a fork with shock absorption. This will add to your comfort on shallow holes and off-road. When driving uphill, a fork lock will be useful, but such a fork usually costs money. In general, you don’t have to bother with the fork, if you drive exclusively on asphalt – the simplest one without shock absorption will do.


A bicycle for a city must be ridden every day and cope with its main task for many years, so we immediately eliminate the expensive multi-speed transmission. I think that the owner of a city bike hardly dreams of changing chains in a circle. So it’s best to stay at single speed unless your city is in the hills. The right gear is enough for you.

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Usually, city bikes have a foot brake integrated into the rear hub. But more and more often you can find city bikes with rim brakes (such as v-brakes) and even disc brakes. The former are easy to maintain, lightweight and cheaper, while the latter are much more efficient. are least dependent on weather conditions, but the cost of a bicycle with disc brakes can be $ 100-200 higher, depending on their modification (mechanical or hydraulics).


I also recommend that you pay attention to them when choosing a bike. With tires, everything is quite simple. It all depends on which terrain you will be driving the most. Smooth tires (slicks) are best for city trips. They will provide a good roll-off on asphalt, but on a bad road they will be extremely uncomfortable to ride. For a dirt road, I recommend taking wide tires with a large tread, which will cope well with minor irregularities on the road and, due to the spikes on the rubber, will protect you from small thorns. But more often so-called semi-slick tires are installed on new bicycles, which are considered universal rubber, both for asphalt roads and unpaved ones.

The Right City Bike Saddle

The Right City Bike Saddle

The Right City Bike Saddle – Due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the male and female pelvis, bicycle saddles also have significant differences. The male saddle is always narrow and stiff (eg Rubar 1481); while the female saddle, on the contrary, is wider and softer. You also need to know that narrow saddles are designed for sporty riding and long trips; and wide ones are for comfortable and calm movement around the city. As an option for girls, you can buy a bicycle with a male frame; but with a female saddle and ride for your own pleasure.

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New Bike

So, when choosing a new bike, it is very important to carefully consider this detail; on which your comfort of movement will depend in the future. In any case, you can choose a different city bike saddle right away in the store. I would definitely do that, tk. Standard saddles are generally versatile and not always suitable for comfort. A well-fitting saddle will not interfere with circulation and should also be adjustable for angle and longitudinal offset.

Ideally, for long rides, I would recommend a leather bike saddle (eg Brooks) because it breathes and adapts to the cyclist’s anatomy. Such a saddle can be found in expensive models; or bought separately, but if you are looking for a cheaper option; then it is quite possible to find a good saddle made of synthetic materials (elastomer, polypropylene foam, gel inserts, leatherette). I will tell you more about choosing a saddle in one of the following articles.

What you should pay attention to?

Ok, we figured out the frame and saddle, and now let’s look at the rest of the distinctive elements of the city bike, which you also need to consider when choosing a bike.

Choosing The Right City Bike

Choosing The Right City Bike

Choosing The Right City Bike – Based on my financial capabilities, I would choose between a new bike or a used one, and perhaps I myself would have assembled it in detail. Why am I focusing on practicality? It’s just that there are people who begin to collect a city bike for themselves, but still it turns out some kind of another fetish bike, comparable in price to the main bike.

As a result, it turns out that the person is again shaking so as not to scratch him once again, or he is afraid to leave his two-wheeled friend even strapped on, and the main idea for which everything was started remains unfulfilled. But since you are most likely going to buy a new bike, we will take a closer look at the main points of making the right choice for your specific goals.

City bikes for men and women

Surely you know that city bikes are divided into male and female according to their design features. Well, for those who do not know, I will explain what the difference is. You can clearly see in these photos.

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It can be open (female, without an upper tube) or closed (male, trapezoidal). The difference here is more aesthetic, and there are girls who calmly ride on men’s frames and don’t even bother about it. Therefore, when choosing a bike with a closed frame, be sure to take into account the fact that the distance between your crotch and the upper tube of the frame should be at least 10 cm (approximately, the width of the palm), so as not to damage your reproductive organ 🙂 in case of an emergency sharp jump off.

Remember also that if the frame size does not match your height; then the pleasure of the ride will be highly questionable. Therefore, be sure to tell the seller your height so that he can choose the right frame size for you. And if you still decide to buy a city bike in the online store; then keep in mind that some manufacturers indicate frame sizes in inches. For example, if you are 172 – 180 cm tall, then a 19 ”(48 cm) frame will work for you.

How to Choose a City Bike

How to Choose a City Bike

How to choose a city bike – Friends, hello everyone! In the last article I told you about city bikes, I hope that you got to know them well and already have a good idea. Today I want to give you some good recommendations on choosing a city bike, so that when you come to the store to be a theoretically savvy buyer and know what exactly to choose for your needs. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a summary of what I will tell you about today.

How to choose a city bike?

Oddly enough, but it so happens that an inexperienced person comes to the store; and gets lost in the huge range of goods offered. And when the seller starts asking, such a person will most often say something like: “I want a bicycle; but I don’t even know which one to choose, mountain or road.” Perhaps, you are faced with such a difficult task, and you cannot finally decide. Ok, let’s figure it out specifically.

First of all, I will say what a city bike is for me personally. The city bike is a workhorse that, with minimal maintenance, is designed for long and tough use. At least in my city they are used precisely as workhorses. cruisers, etc. we have not yet become mainstream. Young people mostly ride miners and highway bikes, while older people ride old or modern city bicycles.

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What would I do if I didn’t have a Pitmen and I urgently needed a city bike?

First of all, I would just need transport for moving and transporting something (for example, a bag of potatoes from the dacha). Here, automatically, I would have thrown all aesthetics into the background and; when choosing a bicycle, I would have given preference to reliability and practicality.

Here's a List of What I've Used to Paint Rotor

Here’s a List of What I’ve Used to Paint Rotor

Here’s a list of what I’ve used to paint rotor:

Red spray paint (volume 400 ml);
Masking tape (width 30 mm);
Medical ethyl alcohol;
Cosmetic cotton pads;
Newspapers and a couple of plaques.

I bought paint and masking tape at a hardware store, took alcohol from a pharmacy, and sneaked cotton pads from my girlfriend. All this took me about 60 hryvnyas ($ 2.5), as you can see, not a lot. Well, now for step-by-step instructions.

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How to paint brake discs correctly?

First of all, you will need to glue the entire working surface of the rotor with masking tape in order to avoid paint getting there, otherwise there will be very little sense from such brakes later.

Before painting, it is necessary to degrease the surface to be painted with alcohol. To do this, take a cotton pad, moisten it with alcohol and thoroughly wipe each rotor on both sides.

Find a closed, ventilated area where you will do all the work. In my case, it was a warehouse at my former job. The main thing is that there is not a lot of dust around, otherwise all this will settle on fresh paint.

Place the bike rotors on two planks so that they rest on them, resting on the sealed part, then shake the paint well and apply the first coat evenly. After that, turn over to the other side and do the same.

After about 30 minutes, when the first layer is dry, apply the second and you can even then and the third, to be sure. Then leave the whole thing to dry for 1 day and voila – the next day your discs are ready!

It’s elementary, Watson!

Well, as you can see, there is nothing complicated here, everything is quite simple and elementary. Within a day, your discs will be no worse than those that are sold 1.5-2 times more expensive in bike shops. The visual effect is guaranteed. All your friends and acquaintance cyclists will definitely notice such tuning and quite possibly want the same for themselves.

How to Paint a Disc Brake Rotor

How to Paint a Disc Brake Rotor

How to paint a disc brake rotor – Greetings to all blog readers! Sergey Khmaruk is in touch, and today I will tell you how to paint the disc brake rotor of a bicycle. If you are interested in cycling, then this article is for you. Painting the rotors is not difficult, but if you do not know how to do it, then I will show you the whole painting process from start to finish on my own experience.

A small preface

Many will ask: why paint the rotors, if there are already ready-made branded ones with factory painting? I agree, let’s take, for example, the same Alligator rotors, which are presented in a fairly wide range, both in shape and color. They are much more expensive in cost than standard discs without application. So why buy new ones when you can paint the old ones, provided they are still in good condition.

In my case, I had to take new ones, tk. I went from 160 mm to 180 mm. I ordered these brake discs for my bike in China on Aliexpress (link). And I liked them because they look like “aligators” and, apparently, this is their Chinese copy. And that’s why I decided to order them, especially since the price is pleasant, in contrast to our retail prices. Even then, I decided that I would paint them and make, thus, technical and visual tuning of the bike. Well, let’s get down to business, otherwise, probably, tired you with a long prelude.

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How to paint the rotor?

To paint my rotors, I used regular Sniezka spray paint from a hardware store. By and large, no other paint is needed, this is quite enough. You can also use a primer to help the paint adhere better to the metal surface. But then I stumbled something with this and forgot about it, although the paint holds up even without a primer is not bad at all. So, let’s move on to the list of what you need for work.