Choosing Bicycle Pedals

Choosing bicycle pedals – By design, bicycle pedals fall into 3 broad categories:

Platform – used with almost any shoe;
Contact – used in tandem with special cycling shoes;
Combined – on the one hand they have a regular platform, and on the other – a contact mechanism and allow you to wear both types of shoes.

According to their purpose, the pedals, in turn, are divided into several types:

Walking strollers are designed for city driving and are made of a plastic case. Quite weak and too slippery for off-road riding.
General Purpose – Mainly includes combination and metal platform pedals.
XC are lightweight platformless clipless pedals that require special footwear.
Extreme disciplines – pedals with powerful spikes located on the platform, also contact pedals with an auxiliary platform.
Highways are contact pedals that are not compatible with mountain ones due to the fact that they have a different standard and are design for the most rigid fixation of the legs.

Types of pedals

Let’s now take a closer look at all the existing types of pedals so that you can better navigate when choosing them in the store. Let’s start with the cheapest ones and end with the professional and expensive ones. This will help you understand which pedals are suitable for which riding style.

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Platform pedals:

Walking pedals

Lastly they are the simplest ones and are usually found on cheap bike. The body is make primarily of plastic. These pedals are use for walking and city bicycles. They have a rather flimsy design, respectively, they do not hold their legs well, which will constantly slip. The starting cost of walking pedals is about $ 5, and they are make by such companies as: Longus, VP and other lesser know ones.

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