Choosing Bike Helmet Based on Needs

Choosing Bike Helmet Based on Needs. If you look at the design, choose an attractive one. When speeding on a bicycle, people may not only be fixated on the bicycle you are using, but also the helmet that fits over your head. If you want to look like a good cyclist, then use a helmet that is designed aerodynamically. This kind of helmet usually looks more attractive and cool.

However, it should also be noted that cool and fashionable bicycle helmets are generally complete with additional features. Then, usually helmets with attractive designs are sold at high prices above Rp. 200,000. So, be prepared to spend more if you pay attention to the aspects of style when cycling.

Choose a helmet that has good air ventilation

Only a few Indonesians choose to ride a bicycle to come to the office, campus, or to the nearest minimarket / supermarket. However, wherever the purpose is, wearing a helmet is actually an obligation so that the risk of a direct collision with the road is minimized when wearing a helmet.

For example, if you want to get used to wearing a helmet while cycling, make sure the product of your choice offers comfort. In this case, an aspect that needs to be considered is the presence of air vents on the helmet. After checking for ventilation, also make sure that the air ventilation is good for circulating air. This way, your hair will not be weighed down from sweat.

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Want to enter a race? Choose an official bicycle helmet

Have you decided to take part in the marathon bicycle race that is being held downtown? Of course a bicycle helmet is the main requirement to participate. When choosing a helmet, pay attention to the certifications that each product has pocketed.

A bicycle helmet that has been accredited by JCF or labeled SNI will ensure your safety. These specially designed helmets generally have a light weight in order to reduce fatigue during long-term use. In addition, the helmet shell is also stronger than the impact so that the risk of leakage is also smaller.

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