Choosing The Right City Bike

Choosing The Right City Bike – Based on my financial capabilities, I would choose between a new bike or a used one, and perhaps I myself would have assembled it in detail. Why am I focusing on practicality? It’s just that there are people who begin to collect a city bike for themselves, but still it turns out some kind of another fetish bike, comparable in price to the main bike.

As a result, it turns out that the person is again shaking so as not to scratch him once again, or he is afraid to leave his two-wheeled friend even strapped on, and the main idea for which everything was started remains unfulfilled. But since you are most likely going to buy a new bike, we will take a closer look at the main points of making the right choice for your specific goals.

City bikes for men and women

Surely you know that city bikes are divided into male and female according to their design features. Well, for those who do not know, I will explain what the difference is. You can clearly see in these photos.

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It can be open (female, without an upper tube) or closed (male, trapezoidal). The difference here is more aesthetic, and there are girls who calmly ride on men’s frames and don’t even bother about it. Therefore, when choosing a bike with a closed frame, be sure to take into account the fact that the distance between your crotch and the upper tube of the frame should be at least 10 cm (approximately, the width of the palm), so as not to damage your reproductive organ 🙂 in case of an emergency sharp jump off.

Remember also that if the frame size does not match your height; then the pleasure of the ride will be highly questionable. Therefore, be sure to tell the seller your height so that he can choose the right frame size for you. And if you still decide to buy a city bike in the online store; then keep in mind that some manufacturers indicate frame sizes in inches. For example, if you are 172 – 180 cm tall, then a 19 ”(48 cm) frame will work for you.