City Bike Price

City Bike Price – Now the market has a huge assortment of city bikes and everyone can find any bike they like and can afford. I will not write a specific price for each bike, but I will only describe the average prices for each category. So, you can buy a city bike for:

$ 100-250. Most often these are Chinese auchan, which are constantly breaking down. So you will have regular repairs and constant smut. Among the brands are: Ardis, Atant, etc. Also in this price category can be attributed to Russian bicycles Stels, but their quality will be much better than China.

$ 250-400. Quite not bad low-budget city bikes. Ideal for short trips (1-2 hours a day) and will last for quite some time. For this money, it is best to give preference to such brands as: Comanch, Rock Machine,

400-700 $. For this money, you can purchase an excellent model on which you can take daily long walks. Such a bike is unlikely to break down soon and will not let you down on the road. In this price range, the leading brands are: Kellys, Author, KTM, Felt, etc. This category, as for me, for ordinary walks is the maximum that an ordinary user can buy. Good value for money.

700-1500 $. Of course, these are not the most expensive bikes yet, but these are definitely high-budget models – the best city bikes that require minimal maintenance and are practically unkillable. In this price category, it is worth giving preference to firms: Giant, Cube, Specialized, Trek, Orbea, Schwinn, etc.

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Useful Tips

Well, let me summarize for you a small summary of this entire article. So, if you are buying a city bike for a relaxed ride, then you don’t need any additional speeds and a shock absorbing fork. The main thing is to choose the right frame and saddle. The average price of a city bike for which it is worth buying is $ 400-700. Such a great one, will serve you faithfully if you take care of it at least minimally: store it correctly in winter and periodically lubricate the chain.