Comforting Kids With Recommended Bike

In this pandemic era parents comforting kids with recommended bike. Children stuck at home because school is not open yet, therefore buying your kids good bike can help killing your kids time.

Bike Recommendation:

Polygon ALICE12

The name Polygon is not a new player in the bicycle industry. This brand has issued a special children’s bicycle for those of you who have daughters. You can buy this bike as a first gift. Let your child ride with other friends while being supervised on this bike.

Soft pink and white with the addition of Alice in Wonderland-themed character details, your daughter will look so cute when she wears it. This bicycle is designed from steel so it is more durable and resistant to rust. Not to forget, Polygon added a soft back seat and a front basket to put your child’s toys to play with his friends, such as tired of pedaling a bicycle.

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Nachita Kids Bike 12″

For those of you who are planning to buy your child a good bike but are constrained by the budget, this product from Nachita is worth considering. Only marketed at a price of 500 thousand, you can already see children having fun while riding it. This bike has a bright purple color that is suitable for your daughter to wear.

In the seat or saddle, Nachita equips this bike with a backrest so your child can rest without having to get off the bike. Not only that, this product is also accompanied by a front basket with a cute character. While on the back there is a box with a cover that will secure the goods when it rains.

Kouan Children’s Folding Bike 12″ LKF-121

Attractive design with additional details makes your little girl look adorable while riding this bike. Kouan designed this children’s bike with the addition of 2 wheels on the back. For those of you who want to introduce your child to a bicycle as well as train their leg strength; use this bicycle without worrying about the child falling off the bicycle.

On the bicycle chain there is a protector that covers the chain. While on the front and rear wheels there are metal fenders to keep your child from being splashed when the bike passes through puddles of water. Then, at the front end is listed a basket large enough to put your child’s balls or other toys. The presence of a back seat allows your child to ride in turns with other friends.