Economical Mountain Bike Operation

Economical Mountain Bike Operation – In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 helpful mountain bike operating tips to save you money on maintenance. Perhaps, the following recommendations are already known to many cyclists, but beginners, most likely, still do not know a lot. Let’s figure it out.

1. Keep the bike clean

If you immediately put your mountain bike down after a dirty ride and symbolically sprinkle it with “vdshka”, then you run the risk of discovering seized bearings in a couple of days. Complete cleaning with degreasing and rinsing with soapy water will keep your bike in good working order for much longer.

2. Dry the chain

So, you’ve got your favorite bike cleaned, what should you do next? Take, for example, an old cotton T-shirt, because it is perfect for wiping dry not only the chain, but the entire bike. Wipe moisture off the chain to keep it from rusting, removes any remaining dirt and prepares it for lubrication.

3. Lubricate the chain

After wiping, apply lubricant to the chain near the system, away from the brake rotors. Why lubricate the chain at all? This prevents the chainring and cassette from wearing out too quickly and also extends the life of the chain itself. And riding on a lubricated chain is much more pleasant than on a dry one.

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4. Pen protection

A great and very cheap way to protect your lovely is to cover the bottom feather with something. the chain constantly hammers against it and damages the paint. To do this, you can buy a feather protector or, if you are very economical, take an old bicycle tube, cut it lengthwise and wrap it around the feather. After winding the camera, secure the ends with ties or tape. An excellent collective farm will come out!