General Purpose Bike Pedals

General purpose bike pedals – They differ from the previous ones in a metal case, in the base of aluminum, and have spikes on the surface of the platform. They are used both for city walks and for cross-country, you can also say that these are entry-level pedals for those who have not yet decided on their riding style. Installed on bicycle of the middle price category. Manufacturers: VP, Longus, Wellgo, etc. Price from $ 7.

Which pedals should you choose for your bike?

Extreme MTB Pedals

MTB pedals, or in the slang of cyclists – “stompboxes”, are mainly made of aluminum alloys. Unlike walking ones, they are of higher quality and are already at a higher level. MTB pedals have a wider platform and are used most often for non-aggressive riding. They can be with spikes, which significantly improves the grip of the foot with the surface, or without them. Used not only by cross-country fans, but also by BMXers. You can find XC pedals in the bike shop for $ 10 under the brands: VP, Wellgo, Xpedo, Mpeda, etc.

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Pedals with toe clips

In their design, such pedals, in addition to the platform, also have special straps that provide the cyclist with a tight fit of the legs while riding bike. The foot is placed on the platform and additionally fixed with a strap. By design, they are similar to contacts, but they lose significantly to them, and at the same time, they are much better than ordinary ones. Pedals with toe clips (from the English toe clips) seem to be a kind of “golden mean”, but they are still significantly outdated and are used mainly by cyclists of the “old school” or on touring and track bicycles.

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