How to Choose a City Bike

How to choose a city bike – Friends, hello everyone! In the last article I told you about city bikes, I hope that you got to know them well and already have a good idea. Today I want to give you some good recommendations on choosing a city bike, so that when you come to the store to be a theoretically savvy buyer and know what exactly to choose for your needs. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a summary of what I will tell you about today.

How to choose a city bike?

Oddly enough, but it so happens that an inexperienced person comes to the store; and gets lost in the huge range of goods offered. And when the seller starts asking, such a person will most often say something like: “I want a bicycle; but I don’t even know which one to choose, mountain or road.” Perhaps, you are faced with such a difficult task, and you cannot finally decide. Ok, let’s figure it out specifically.

First of all, I will say what a city bike is for me personally. The city bike is a workhorse that, with minimal maintenance, is designed for long and tough use. At least in my city they are used precisely as workhorses. cruisers, etc. we have not yet become mainstream. Young people mostly ride miners and highway bikes, while older people ride old or modern city bicycles.

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What would I do if I didn’t have a Pitmen and I urgently needed a city bike?

First of all, I would just need transport for moving and transporting something (for example, a bag of potatoes from the dacha). Here, automatically, I would have thrown all aesthetics into the background and; when choosing a bicycle, I would have given preference to reliability and practicality.