How to Choose The Right Bike Helmet

How to Choose The Right Bike Helmet. Cycling is one of the fun activities. Exercising on your bicycle in the morning or during the day will help your body stay in shape. When cycling, besides paying attention to the quality of your bicycle, you should also start thinking about safety by always wearing a bicycle helmet. Many people still ignore wearing bicycle helmets, hopefully you won’t, yes!

A bicycle helmet will protect your head from impact when you fall. In addition, bicycle helmets can also protect hair from being damaged by dust and vehicle pollution. If you are interested in buying a bicycle helmet, through this article we will invite you to choose the right bicycle helmet. Not to forget, we also provide recommendations for the best bicycle helmets for you to choose and buy!

Bicycle helmet manufacturers, such as Polygon, Cairbull, and Avand are competing to create the best quality products. Because there are so many choices, those of you who might be buying a bicycle helmet for the first time will be confused. That is why, we will first explain the points of consideration in choosing a good bicycle helmet. Let’s look at it in full in this section.

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Choose an entry or head hole that matches the shape of the head

Because helmets are designed for safety purposes when cycling, the model or design is a factor that must be seconded. We recommend that you prioritize the quality offered by each helmet in terms of safety. This will certainly provide extra protection for your head when an accident occurs.

The entry helmet model is the main point that is very important to consider when choosing a bicycle helmet. The entry or hole that will become the shell for your head must be adjusted to the shape of the head. Currently, manufacturers present helmets with entry models for round and oval heads.

According to a website, it is stated that most Indonesians have an oval head shape. The good news is, there are a lot of bicycle helmets with holes designed for the shape of an oblong head. However, those of you who have a round head need not be discouraged because bicycle helmets with round types are also widely produced.

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