How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike

How to Choose The Right Mountain Bike – Cycling is a type of cool and fun sport that has many benefits for our bodies. Routine cycling can help reduce the risk of various diseases such as heart disease, cholesterol and so on.

In addition to making your body healthy and fit, this one activity can also make your mind more relaxed. You can do cycling activities on asphalt roads to more challenging areas such as mountains.

Talking about mountain bikes or commonly known as MTB (Mountain Bike) of course you will imagine a bike that is strong, strong, durable and has the right price. Given the many bicycles on the market. Here are tips on choosing and recommending mountain bike brands that can help you.

Tips for Choosing a Mountain Bike Brand

1. Recognizing the Type of Bike

The first thing you should know is the type of bike. Broadly speaking, there are four types of bicycles with different specifications and uses. The four types of bicycles are as follows: Road Bike, Mountain Bike (MTB), BMX and City Bike.

2. Prepare a Budget

Bicycles have different specifications according to needs. The price that must be paid to get a dream bike also varies. Types of mountain bikes are sold starting at Rp. 1 million. Apart from bicycles, you will also need some accessories such as helmets, water bottles and comfortable cycling clothes.

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3. Choosing Suspension

You have to understand the difference between hard trail or full suspension. Hard trail has no suspension at the rear, but is suitable in rough terrain. While full suspension has a softer comfort but is not suitable in heavy terrain. If you like cycling on steep mountains then the right choice is hard tail.

4. Matching Cycling Style

Choose a bike that matches your cycling style. Do you prefer cycling on city streets or in the mountains. Mountain bikes can also be used on city streets.

5. Adjusting Height

When choosing a mountain bike, make sure it fits your height. You can ask the seller about the bicycle frame that suits your height. This is very important for comfort when cycling.