Inbike, Limar, and Cairbull Bike Helmets Review

Inbike, Limar, and Cairbull Bike Helmets Review. Inbike MX-3 Bike Helmet. If you are looking for a bicycle helmet that is suitable for women, of course the color factor can be a major aspect that needs attention. Inbike MX-3 comes in various color choices, from black, yellow and blue combined with the basic gray color. If you are a woman who has trouble finding a helmet, Inbike also offers a pink color so that it remains feminine.

So that your eyes are not prone to dust or glare from sun rays, this bike helmet is equipped with a visor that you can use as needed. This product is available in various sizes, starting from M for head circumference of 56 – 59 cm and size L which can be used by head circumference of 59 – 62 cm.

Bicycle Helmet Limar 778 Superlight

Take a relaxing bike ride at the foot of a mountain; or take part in a race on a car free day that requires you to wear a helmet. In order for these desires to be fulfilled, Limar 778 Superlight is here as the best option. This product is equipped with an insect repellent net; that will prevent insects from landing on your head and damaging your concentration.

Limar includes monoshell in-mold technology which is tough and comfortable even if you wear this best bicycle helmet for hours. Not to be missed, 24 air vents that are scattered at several points; ensure your head is free from burning and itching due to poor air circulation.

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Cairbull 04 MTB Bike Helmet

Cairbull 04 is widely used by cycling enthusiasts. We also recommend this product for those of you who want to participate in a bicycle race. Designed with a round entry, this helmet is also composed of materials that are tough and impact resistant.

Whether it’s a race or a casual bike ride; you can use the included goggles to protect your eyes from dust and exposure to direct sunlight. To ensure user safety, Cairbull uses EPS foam weighing 108 grams; so that the head does not hurt from the impact of the helmet when passing through turbulent roads.