List of The Best Bike Helmets

List of The Best Bike Helmets. Below has been prepared a list of the best bicycle helmets for your reference if you want to buy them online. Some are intended for children so that those of you who are married and have children can be calm even if they let the children ride alone. Happy choosing, yes!

1. Polygon Helmet Kids Wave Red Orange

In the first place, we recommend the bicycle helmet formulated by the famous brand Polygon. This helmet is designed for the needs of children from 3 – 8 years old. Besides being suitable for cycling, Polygon Helmet Kids Wave Red Orange is also ideal for other activities such as skateboarding.

Polygon ensures this product is safe and comfortable to use thanks to its glue-on-shell technology. With this technology, the soft and lightweight helmet shell and EPS foam will hold together firmly. In addition, EPS or expanded polystyrene is a foam that can reduce injury when there is an impact.

2. Genio G16 Bike Helmet

The attractive impression shown by this helmet will make you more confident in riding the bicycle pedals. Genio claims this product provides optimal protection for the head during an impact. Not only that, this helmet is also able to protect your face from sun exposure.

To block direct sunlight hitting the face, Genio 16 has been equipped with a visor. This product comes in all sizes so you need to adjust it first until it fits perfectly. The entries can be tightened by simply turning the knob.

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3. Rockbros WT012 Bicycle Helmet

Rockbros WT012 can be the ideal option for those of you who have a large head size. The entry on this helmet can be adjusted following the head circumference from 57 to 62 cm. The dominant red color with a touch of white creates an attractive impression.

Rockbros believes in EPS and PC material so that it gives a cool impression on the outside and is comfortable on the inside. The holes that make the helmet’s unique design work as air vents. So, even driving in the middle of the day doesn’t make your hair stifling because the air inside the bike helmet is well circulated.