List of The Best Mountain Bike

List of The Best Mountain Bike – Aviator has a bicycle frame made of the best components and a soft suspension from Japan. This bike can be used on both offroad and highway. Comes with a variety of sporty and elegant designs that you can choose according to your individual taste.

Its sleek and elegant design makes this Aviator mountain bike popular with many people, especially at an affordable price.

Price range: IDR 756,250 – IDR 4,219,800

Atlantis Mountain Bike

The next recommendation is the Atlantis mountain bike which has high quality but is still affordable. For those of you who prioritize comfort while driving, the Atlantis mountain bike is the right choice. This is because the bike is design with a sturdy body and a lightweight front shock.

Another plus, the price is also friendly in the pocket but still durable in use for a long time. Very suitable for those of you who want to find a bicycle at an affordable price.

Price range: IDR 824,999 – IDR 1,650,000

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Thrill Mountain Bike

At the beginning of its appearance, this local bicycle brand was famous for its products that had top-notch quality. Thrill mountain bikes are made with quality components that are lightweight and flexible and prioritize your comfort while riding. This bike is suitable for use in light to difficult terrain.

Another advantage, this Thrill comes with a fashionable and elegant model with a wide variety of variations. Then related to the price also varies depending on the specifications selected.

Price range: IDR 750,000 – IDR 20,700,000

Genio Mountain Bike

Another high quality local product that we should be proud of is Genio. Being in the same production house with United, of course, this bicycle is made with the best components that are comfortable to use both on the highway and soft offroad.

Regarding the model, this Genio mountain bike comes with a simple but elegant model when used across the street. In addition, the affordable price is also another advantage of this Genio mountain bike.

Price range: IDR 937,500 – IDR 2,500,000