List of Tricycle Bike With Affordable Prices

List of tricycle bike with affordable prices – Yoeyoe Tricycle deserves to be added to your wishlist. This bicycle is assembled from iron material as the main frame. The tires themselves are made of rubber so that children can ride their bicycles on even slippery floors, such as ceramics for example.

However, this bike is not equipped with safety soap and control stick. So, you need to be extra supervising your young child playing with this bike. Push the bike slowly so it doesn’t go too fast. In addition to red, this bike also comes in purple and blue color variants.

Ching Ching Z2 Police Tricycle TR-09A

This bike is not designed like a tricycle bike in general, but resembles a racing motorbike. In other words, this product, which is more like a police motorcycle, is perfect for your little boy. Made from a combination of quality plastic and metal, the Z2 Police Tricycle TR-09A is able to withstand loads of up to 35 kg.

This tricycle is quite complete in terms of security, starting from the seat belt and the back of the bench can be found. Not only that, Ching Ching also equips it with a control stick to make it easier for you to push and steer the bike. If you want to train your child’s gross motor skills, this bike has also been provided with front and rear brake pedals, you know!

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Family Tricycle Bee Model

It’s nice to take the kids for a walk in the afternoon. However, the sun’s rays are still strong to make many mothers discouraged. Therefore, Family presents a family tricycle with the addition of a hood or head protection. With the canopy, your child can avoid direct sunlight entering the child’s upper body area.

In addition to the canopy, this bike also provides a control stick. This bicycle can be used by girls or boys; because there are actually variants of other characters and colors that can be adjusted by the child’s character. The existence of a seat belt and suspension system on the wheels makes it safer and more comfortable for children.