List of Trusted Tricycle Bike

List of Trusted Tricycle Bike – Fisher Price Touch Steering Trike. Fisher Price does not want to be absent in creating products that can entertain children. One of the best tricycles out there is the Touch Steering Trike, which starts at one million rupiah. This bike is considered safe for children from toddler age. For those of you who want to train your child’s motor skills from an early age, try giving him this bike.

This bike is equipped with a belt that fastens directly to the body, your child may not get more freedom of movement, but it will be safer from the risk of falling. If the child is tired of pedaling, you can help push the bike through the control stick and let the child’s feet rest on the available footing.

Jefferys London Taxi Tricycle

Jeffreys re-issued a tricycle that puts this classic design forward. On the wheels, there is a Union Jack (British flag) motif which makes it look even more attractive. This bike is also equipped with a cool design bell on the handlebars.

The steel design makes the London Taxi Tricycle durable and sturdy. Back to discussing the wheel, this bicycle wheel is made of a soft EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) polymer. Because it is not accompanied by a backrest, this bicycle should be given to children who can sit stably.

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Plan Toys Balance Tricycle PT3478

This bicycle is made to help train a child’s balance before using a two-wheeled bicycle. No pedals included, your child can focus more on adjusting his body balance. This tricycle bike made of recycled wood is definitely lightweight, comfortable, and also environmentally friendly.

You can teach your child the importance of adopting an eco lifestyle by giving him this bike. In addition to the frame made of recycled wood, this bicycle wheel is also made from recycled plastic. This is because Plan Toys is famous for its environmentally friendly educational toy products.

Looking back at the best tricycles in the list above, have you found the most eye-catching product? Tricycles must be safe and comfortable when used by children. These two aspects are very important.