Pacific Invert 500 and Polygon Monarch 5 Bike Review

Pacific Invert 500 and Polygon Monarch 5 Bike Review. The brakes used by the Pacific Invert 500 bike have the same hydraulic technology as a motorized vehicle braking system. By using this technology, this bike is able to produce good brakes. The suspension is also front and rear, making it very comfortable when there is an impact when riding this bike. What is unique about this best mountain bike is that the suspension on the front can be locked, so that when you use it on city streets, it will still feel comfortable.

This Pacific bike is very easy to operate, including shifting gears, because you only need to change gears with your thumb and index finger. Apart from being easy to operate, this bike is also durable, considering that the material embedded in the frame is an alloy frame which is known to be strong and resistant to rust. With all the features above, it is only natural that this bicycle with a large tire size of 26 × 1.95 is very suitable for use on rocky terrain or on smooth roads.

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Polygon Monarch 5

As many people already know, Polygon is a local bicycle brand that has been crisscrossing the international bicycle world. One of its flagship MTB mountain bike products is the Polygon Monarch 5, with a frame made of AL6 alloy frame. Thanks to this frame, this bike has strong durability even though it is light and is able to avoid rust.

Not only made of good materials, these Polygon bikes are also comfortable to use; whether for cycling, sightseeing, or hiking adventures. This is because this bike uses mechanical disc brakes which are proven to be good when used to brake. For gear, they use Shimano Tourney; which is often used by other racing mountain bikes, because the gear is of high quality. For those of you who want to use a mountain bike that is tough; but still comfortable to wear, this bike is perfect for use.