Polygon Xtrada and United Nucleus Bike Review

Polygon Xtrada and United Nucleus Bike Review. Polygon Xtrada 2X10. Apart from Monarch 5, there are still more Polygon products that have good quality, one of which is Polygon Xtrada 6 2X10. One thing that this bike relies on is the hydraulic disc brake, a brake that is used on motorized vehicles, so the delivery process will feel more gripped. They not only feature the brakes, but also the wheel fit size system, which is a system where the frame size with the wheels is made similar, so that it is stable when driving.

The frame used is not an arbitrary frame, because Polygon uses an ALX 6061 hydro formed alloy frame which is light and strong and anti-rust. To be more comfortable when driving; Xtrada 6 uses a 10 speed gear to make it more flexible when driving on various terrains. With all its advantages, this bike is definitely worth considering if you want a stable and tough adrenaline mountain bike when used for outdoor cycling.


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United Bike Nucleus 3.00

United uses hydraulic brakes on its mountain bike series United Bike Nucleus 3.00. With this kind of brake, this bicycle already has grip brakes, making it safer and more comfortable to ride. To make it more comfortable, United deliberately used the Velo saddle; which is known to be soft and comfortable when ridden.

To make it even more comfortable, this bike makes it easy for the wearer to change gears; so they can adjust the speed quickly. Even better, the tires used are tires with a size of 27.5; and a width of 2.20 which support them in a more stable bulldozer of all ground surfaces. To make it more suitable for tough terrain, this bike uses a strong and anti-rust alloy frame. With all these things, making it suitable for use on the road or even on the mountain.