Pro and Cons of Chinese Carbon Bike

Pro and Cons of Chinese Carbon Bike – For a year of operation of these parts, I did not have any significant problems. Everything is whole and still strong. Most of all I was worried, of course, behind the wheel. Especially on steep off-road descents in the countryside, when the guys and I went on long rides. So the hardness tests were passed successfully.

The only detail that disappointed me a bit was the seat. Since I changed the saddles several times, the paint peeled off at the attachment point (the upper part of the pin is aluminum) and during the ride in this place it began to creak unpleasantly. Therefore, I had to make a rubber washer from the old chamber. To be honest, I don’t really like this type of fastener.

The second point, again connected with the pin, is the place where it is clamped with a clamp. I will not explain for a long time here, you can see everything in the photo. At the clamping point, carbon loses its aesthetics, so I immediately recommend setting the desired height and not moving it up and down.

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What did i take

Well, he didn’t say anything about the most important thing. I forgot to indicate the characteristics of the kit purchased last year. So what I have:

handlebar 680 mm / 31.8 mm flat;
projection 120 mm;
spacer rings 3×10 mm;
takeaway lid;
pin 350mm / 31.6mm.

All parts are all carbon, with the exception of the stem and the top of the seatpost, which are aluminum but painted in carbon.

I took this kit more for the design than for the light weight. Since I am somewhat of a bicycle fetishist, I really love all sorts of beautiful parts for a bicycle and, whenever possible, try to buy something interesting.