Rubar 1481 Bike Saddle Specifications

Rubar 1481 Bike Saddle Specifications – I spent about a week looking for the right saddle that would meet all my aesthetic requirements, scanning all kinds of online bike parts stores. And somehow I accidentally went to Aliexpress and began to wool around the marketplace. The search there was no longer so long, the “rubar” somehow immediately caught my eye and I began to study its characteristics.

The first thing I noticed was a lot of positive reviews about the quality and design, as well as a high seller rating and the number of orders for this product. I was also pleased with the color assortment – you can choose almost any color of the bike. But his actual characteristics are as follows:

Overall dimensions: 280 mm * 140 mm.
Net weight: 253 grams.
Material: PU leather.
Purpose: highway, cross-country.
Features: anatomical cut, ruler for adjusting the fit.

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I didn’t think for a long time and ordered a saddle from a Chinese, who sent my order after 6 days. I suspect that the delay was due to the fact that my color was out of stock. Well, okay, this is not the worst thing that can happen on Ali.

And now, after 3 weeks, I received my long-awaited package. Many slander Ukrposhta, but, nevertheless, as I later became convinced, parcels from China to Ukraine arrive quite quickly, which is very pleasing.

When picking up the parcel at the post office, I even doubted that there was a saddle; because it seemed to me somehow very light. The seller did his best to pack it; it was wrapped in a bubble wrap in several turns and underneath it directly into a bag. The saddle before my eyes fully met my expectations and even more – I was delighted. In general, okay, now about the main thing, why is it so cool?