Rubar 1481: Design vs Comfort

Rubar 1481: Design vs Comfort – The advantages of Rubar 1481 are immediately visible: sporty design, light weight, anatomical cut, quality. All this is quite consistent with my aesthetic requirements. I installed a saddle on the bike on the same day, but I only had a chance to ride two days later, when the torrential rains ended.

The first impression is rigidity! Yes, after the usual soft saddle, it seemed a lot harder to me. A few days later, riding to work and back home, I got used to it and, to some extent, even got used to it. But as soon as I took a ride out of town, I realized that my fifth point was not yet ready to withstand such a rough landing. One familiar cyclist advised me to buy special shorts with a diaper, which reduces chafing between the legs, and also increases the comfort of cycling. And so I think about it, to buy or not.

I would like to know your opinion on this issue. Do you use diapers and how do you ride these saddles? Write your tips and tricks in the comments below, I will be very grateful! And that’s all for me. I also recommend watching my two video reviews of the Rubar 1481 Emirates E2 bike saddle for a full review. I would also be grateful for reposting this article in social media. networks. You can buy a saddle here.

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P.S. A few days after the publication of this article, I had a good time to ride around the city and (you will laugh) arriving home in the evening, not feeling my fifth point, I cursed this saddle for a long time to myself.

Still, it is very, to put it mildly, not comfortable to ride off-road in a Rubar, the whole crotch hurts. So for now, I decided to put my old saddle back and ride it until I buy myself a cycling shorts with a diaper, because this is just a mockery of my butt.

The next day, having left for work on an old saddle, I felt as if I had moved from a wooden stool onto a plush sofa. I had to choose comfort, not beauty. In general, something like that, see for yourself.