Safe and Certified Bike Helmet Recommendation

Safe and Certified Bike Helmet Recommendation. Endura Luminite Helmet Bike Helmet. This product has been certified to CE standard EN10778: 2012 + A1: 2012. In other words, the proven process of testing to ensure its resistance to all levels of impact. Besides ensuring safety, Endura Luminite Helmet is also released in various sizes, from S – L.

This round type bicycle helmet is equipped with a visor that can be removed if you are not using it. The LED light on the back can be a signal that there are cyclists when it is worn at night. One more thing, this product is also equipped with anti-bug and anti-bacterial nets.

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Bicycle Helmet Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L 14 US

At first glance, the Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L14 US looks simple. However, when you tap on the top, a strong material wraps around the entire helmet body. Of course, the strength of this product has been tested regarding the quality of the material and its durability from impact.

SNI standard, this product is suitable to accompany your touring activities with your bicycle club. For this series, Bell chose a dove gray color over the entire surface so that it is not too flashy on the eye. Perfect for those of you who like simplicity!

Aerogo Gloss Titanium Bicycle Helmet

You’re on a tight budget but still want a bike helmet that guarantees optimal protection? We recommend that you choose this Aerogo Gloss Titanium. Less than 400 thousand rupiah, you can use this product wherever you want to speed your bike.

Helmet with cellulose structure on polyurethane foam not only acts as a pain reliever when an impact occurs, but keeps the scalp fresh because it contains millions of small cells that act as air vents.

Avand A-20 Bicycle Helmet

The Avand A-20 contains a distinctive dove black surface, suitable for those of you who don’t like a helmet with a shiny appearance. The best bicycle helmet is designed for the average Indonesian who has an oval head type with a head circumference between 57 and 61 cm.

The minimalist design is even more slick thanks to the support of comfort from within. To ensure cyclists feel comfortable wearing it for a long time, Avand relies on a combination of materials in the form of Styrofoam EPU fiber, foam, and 300D so that it is so soft and does not cause excessive pain when you fall which causes your head to hit the road.