Special Design of Cruiser Bike

Special Design of Cruiser Bike – Beautiful large rudders are provided by the designers as compensation for a more direct landing. As you straighten, you move away from the handlebars, so the length of the handles is obvious. The controls are a little confusing at first, but you can gradually get used to it. It’s not usual because the pivot point of the handlebars is removed and the arms are slightly bent compared to mountain bikes, much like a motorcycle. The longer the handles, the more unusual the fit, but cruiser bike are quite flexible in geometry and design options. They are large and not designed for jumping or climbing stairs like hardtails.

Therefore, the strength of the frame, resistance to impacts is not so important, although this is not a trifle, because cruisers are large. But that’s why we get such an unheard-of variety of geometries, a play of imagination in which designers can not limit themselves. When developing the design of hardtails, such liberties are not allowed. The departure from the classic triangle must be justified and provide certain advantages.

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The Weight

The weight of the cruisers is not a parameter to pay attention to. They are large and therefore heavy. So don’t even dream of loading them into your trunk with ease. Although they are not much larger than the size of hardtails, and sometimes even the same, the large handlebar and sweeping frame do the trick.

This is where I will end this post today; and in the next article I will tell you how to choose the right cruiser and what you should pay attention to before buying. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, write your question in the comments below. And that’s all for me, see you soon!