Specification of Chinese Carbon Bike

Specification of Chinese Carbon Bike – Those who follow my YouTube channel probably already know that last year (2015) I purchased a set of carbon parts for my favorite bike in order to improve its appearance.

This kit consists of a handlebar, stem, spacer rings, cap and seat post. I bought all this from a friend who traded these parts on the OLX classifieds website.

Then I did not know yet that all these carbon parts can be bought on aliexpress, because never ordered anything there. Moreover, this can be purchased not only as a set, but also separately.

In March 2015, I will pay UAH 1,500 for this wonderful set. In principle, now for the same money (about $ 45) and even cheaper, you can buy excellent kits for every taste and color on aliexpress.
Is Chinese carbon really good?

Actually, after a year of exploitation of parts of Chinese nanotechnology, I decided to share with you my impressions of Carboniferous, because now you can find many conflicting opinions about it on the Internet.

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Chinese Product Prejudice

Many say that all this is garbage, it will quickly break, because this is China and all that. But as a rule, such people write this without even trying this miracle in operation. Although there is really no quality carbon.

Once I watched a review on YouTube in which a man showed a carbon handlebar and a stem for a road bike, which he simply cracked after a short period of use. Most likely some kind of fake was caught.

I daresay that cycling style also affects how long this carbon will last. Although, in theory, normal high-quality carbon should withstand decent loads and absorb impacts. There are various tests on YouTube.

I fully admit that this particular carbon from China may not be suitable for those who like jumping from trampolines and the like, because he does not like pinpoint strikes (as far as I know) and can simply crack. And since I am an adherent of cross-country, I will judge purely by my style of bike riding.