Tabibitho 26 “Mischief 2.0 Bike Review

Tabibitho 26 “Mischief 2.0 Bike Review. Tabibitho 26 “Mischief 2.0 is good for traveling in urban and also good for fitness purposes. The frame which is made of lightweight aluminum is designed with a futuristic and attractive appearance. Each existing cable is arranged with an inner cable routing system which makes each cable more organized to make it look neat. That’s why this bike gives an elegant impression to anyone who rides it.

Besides being good in appearance, the bike from Tabibitho is also good in other features. For example, in the fork, they do not hesitate to use the well-known zoom suspension which is good and comfortable when riding a bicycle. The brakes that are made are also discs, so they can provide a sense of security when driving. With an elegant design and giving a sense of comfort, you can choose this mountain bike to be your mountain bike.


To determine your preferred mountain bike, you only need to choose which bicycle product makes you feel comfortable. Usually, the comfort of using a mountain bike is obtained thanks to its good suspension, comfortable saddle, and easy gear operation. Other than that hybrid bicycle is one of bike types that have to be considered.

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The hallmark of a hybrid bicycle

The best hybrid bikes, of course, have differences with other types of bikes in terms of shape, materials for making hybrid bicycle bodies. Well, this is the hallmark of a hybrid bicycle so that you can find out and distinguish this type of bicycle from other types of bikes.

Hybrid bicycle tires are a combination of racing and mountain bikes

One of the parts that is the result of the combination between racing bike; and mountain bikes is the size of the tires of a hybrid bicycle which is wider; almost like a mountain bike, but the tire type is the same as a racing bicycle.

In addition, the tires on the best hybrid bikes are not thicker than mountain bikes; but they are still thicker than those of racing bikes so that they can run steadily; when crossing bumpy roads and going fast on straight roads. Have you started to understand the difference between a hybrid bicycle and other bikes?