Mountain Bikes Recommendation

Mountain Bikes Recommendation

Mountain Bikes Recommendation. Cycling is a sport that is both fun and healthy. To do this sport, you must use a bicycle, whether a mountain bike, BMX, folding bicycle or even a retro onthel bicycle. One type of bicycle that is currently frequently used is mountain bikes, apart from being suitable for difficult terrain like mountains, these bikes are also suitable for use on smooth city roads.

Unlike ordinary bikes, mountain bikes have stronger components, especially the body and tires. This is done because the bike is designed to be ridden on quite heavy terrain, like mountains or off-road. Therefore, this type of bicycle has good durability, so many people buy it, even though it is not used for cycling on rocky terrain. the price is quite varied, from prices below 1 million to bikes with the most expensive prices.

Currently there are many brands and models that sell quality mountain bikes. This makes many consumers confused about choosing various models that are sold in the market. Famous brands such as Polygon, United, Pacific, and others, such as competing to make the best mountain bike products that consumers like the most. You might be a little confused if you want to buy it. Therefore, you can make a review of the recommended mountain bike options from as a reference in choosing the best model in your opinion.

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Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0

As a unisex mountain bike, the Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0 is perfect for both men and women. This happens because, this bike is easy to operate, including the process of changing gears. You only need to use your thumb and index finger to shift each gear, making it easier for you to face uphill terrain and provide flexibility when cycling. The disc brakes are also gripping, giving the rider an excessive sense of security.

Its good design combines with quality components, making it durable and long lasting. Even though the frame is light, there are many main components that are good; because many of the components are manufactured by Shimano, which is well known for producing bicycle spare parts. To make it even more stable, this bicycle product has a Zoom 525D suspension that is soft; and tough to face terrain in the form of roads or a little off-ride. For those of you who want to ride a bicycle on a rather extreme road; or terrain, you can try this mountain bike from Thrill.