Tern Link B7 and United Trifold 3 Folding Bikes

Tern Link B7 and United Trifold 3 Folding Bikes. Still can’t find a suitable product? Relax, we still have another option for you, namely Tern Link B7. You can choose this lightweight folding bicycle to accompany sightseeing and sports activities in the morning or evening while seeing the scenery around the city or village. This folding bicycle from Tern has a cool design, very suitable for use by adults without the need to feel embarrassed because it looks like a child’s bicycle.

Out of the discussion about design, this Tern Link B7 folding bike is also specially designed for people who have a hobby of exercising, especially cycling. Each user can explore many roads using this folding bicycle. One of the conveniences offered is that users of this folding bike can fold it in less than 10 minutes. So, if you want to bring this bicycle to a car free day event, you don’t need to disturb other passengers, for example, riding a train or other means of transportation.

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United Trifold 3

In addition to the Quest C1.02 series, Uniter also has another excellent folding bike called United Trifold 3. This local folding bicycle has an attractive, compact, and very compact design. With these advantages, each owner does not need to be confused about where to put this bicycle because it will not take up much space at home. In fact, to be stored in the trunk of the car is also possible because of the mini dimensions of this bicycle once folded.

Regarding the specifications itself, United Trifold 3 is designed from aluminum alloy material which is definitely lightweight. This folding bike has a size of 16 inches. In terms of appearance it may look small, but if used for adults it can and is still suitable. Then discussing the drive system, United Trifold 3 has been equipped with a 1 × 3 speed drivetrai from Shimano Nexus; which makes it minimal maintenance and looks simple compared to folding bikes in general.

For other equipment, it can be found on the fender or rear fender; which has small wheels, which make it easier for users to carry this bike without having to be lifted; so it only needs to be pushed half-folded. Of the many features it has, United apparently only markets this bike with a price range of 3 million. Who isn’t interested?