The Method to Buy a City Bike

In this article I’m going to show you the method to buy a city bike. There is a lot of way of buying city bike, but the trusted source is very scarce.

Bike shop

Buying a bike in a specialized store, you will protect yourself as much as possible from all kinds of fakes and defects. You will definitely be helped to choose the optimal model, as well as provide service and warranty service. The disadvantages include only a higher cost in comparison with the market and online stores.

Internet shop

This bike purchase option is most suitable for experienced cyclists who are well versed in details. Here, a big plus will be lower prices than in retail stores in your city, as well as an official guarantee. The main disadvantage is the inability to make sure of the correctness of the choice and to touch the product with your own hands.

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Spontaneous Markets

The prices here are much lower than in a specialized bike store, and there is also a high probability that you will be slipped into some kind of bullshit. It so happens that under the guise of a high-quality bike they will sell you some mega sloppy Chinese Auchan, which in a month will start to crumble. Usually sellers there collect everything on the knee and anyhow. Accordingly, you are unlikely to be given an official guarantee even for a maximum of 1 month.

Buying a used bike

And we have the last purchase option, which also should not be discounted. Buying a bike on the secondary market is also not a bad option; but here you need to be well versed in bicycles; or have a friend who can help you inspect and check a used bike. You can find very cool bikes for 2; or even 3 times cheaper than in a store; you can play a little and ride for quite a long time. But they can also slip some kind of sludge when the outside is seemingly normal; but inside everything is rotten or there are cracks in the frame, etc. So, when choosing a used bike; you should be extremely careful.