The Perfect Kids Bike

The Perfect Kids Bike. If the height of the bicycle can help the child to land perfectly, then the presence or absence of brakes is no longer a problem. Especially at the age of 2 – 4 years, they will find it difficult to hit the brakes on time. The brakes also require power on the child’s fingers so that the presence of these brakes will actually make it difficult for children to stop using the brakes.

However, you can still buy a child bicycle that comes with brakes. We recommend that your child who is over 4 years old use this kind of bicycle. The goal is to train his hand skills so that he will adapt more quickly when transitioning using a two-wheeled bicycle. Your next homework may just be training your child to improve her balance.

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Choose a bike with a light weight

The weight of the bicycle will determine whether or not the kids bike is comfortable when riding by your child. The average weight of a bicycle that is categorized as light ranges from 3 – 6 kg. Of course, every child has different arm strength. By ensuring the weight of the bike is light, your child will have more freedom when he wants to guide or even lift the bike.

Bicycles with light weights will also make it easier for children to control or guide them. The difference in weight between one bicycle and another can be found in the height and length of the bicycle. However, the biggest influence is the variation in the weight of this bicycle because the materials used by manufacturers are not necessarily the same as products made by other manufacturers. You can ask the seller about this to find out valid information.

After understanding the points that are used as reference in choosing a bicycle; then you will show the ten best recommendations for children’s bikes. In this list, there are various shapes, features, sizes; and colors of bicycles that can be adjusted to the age or height of your child. Happy choosing!