The Unboxing of a City Bike

The Unboxing of a City Bike – Today, modern city bicycles can be found in various designs, i.e. there are several subspecies, which include:


But I will tell you about them in more detail in my next articles, so do not miss it. Now let’s look at the main advantages and disadvantages of city bikes.

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The advantages of city bikes:

a wide range of types for any needs;
beautiful and graceful appearance;
comfortable ride due to the high seating position, comfortable saddle, etc .;
good speed and rolling due to smooth tires;
simplicity and low cost of maintenance;
practicality in clothes (you can ride in whatever your heart desires);
low cost unlike sports bikes.

The most worn-out mechanisms – gear shifters and brakes, are simply absent or well protected from dirt, therefore they require minimal maintenance, which is also a good advantage.

The disadvantages include poor permeability on a bumpy road and mud due to the narrow tire tread. Also, classic road bikes are quite heavy because have a weight of about 15-18 kg, depending on the configuration and in comparison with mountain bike – a much lower speed.

As you can imagine, they are not intended for sporting purposes, although some people still manage to ride such bicycles. But this is most likely the exception to the rule.

City bike landing

Now let’s talk about boarding a city bike. The cyclist sits almost upright, his back is only slightly tilted forward. There is practically no load on the hands, because the steering wheel is located at the level of the abdomen, thereby increasing the efficiency of maneuvering, as well as improving the view of the road.

Due to the “wrong” redistribution of efforts, the pedaling efficiency is rather low. The city bike is not designed for long distance travel and fast riding. The wide and cushioned saddle (with a cushioned seatpost or springs) creates the illusion of comfort. But this is far from the case, tk. even after a not too long ride, the saddle begins to chafe and the fifth point “fades”.