Things That is Needed For Cycling

Things That is Needed For Cycling – Perhaps these are the main elements of the bike, which need to be treated with special attention, everything else is secondary and can be replaced with something better over time, if desired. Ok, what else do we need besides the bike itself?

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Well, we figured out the basic configuration and now let’s talk about additional bells and whistles, tk. the matter is clearly not limited to one bicycle. For a safe and comfortable ride, as well as for the simplest maintenance of the bike, you will need a variety of equipment.

It should also be borne in mind that the total cost of all the necessary accessories can be about 1/3 of the cost of a bicycle. Here you already decide for yourself what you need and what not. But it’s best to budget for useful accessories in advance.

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So, you will need the following bike accessories:

Bike pump. You can’t do without it, tk. 1-2 times a month you will have to pump up the wheels and, of course, when you hit the wheel and change the camera.

Spare camera. Useful during long trips. If a puncture happens on the way, you can always get it out of your backpack and replace the damaged camera. I already talked about how to choose a bicycle camera on my blog.

Bicycle repair kit. It is a set that includes patches and glue. You can use it to seal the puncture on your camera.

Hexagon set. It should also be in your bike medicine cabinet. it will be necessary to adjust the height of the saddle or the tilt of the handlebar, adjust the brakes, etc.

Chain lubricant. I think you are aware that a bicycle chain needs to be lubricated periodically; in order for the entire drivetrain to last as long as possible. A small tube of Teflon grease is enough for a season.