Types of Bike Pedals to Buy

Types of bike pedals to buy – Here, in comparison with walking pedals, the fixation is much better, while, like on the contacts, the problem of “dead spots” is solved. If you nevertheless opted for toe clips, then you will need to practice well beforehand to learn how to quickly pull out your leg. In order not to disrupt blood circulation in the lower extremities, do not overtighten the straps, but at the same time, they should be tightly tightened.

Folding pedals

Quite an unusual design of walking platform pedals with a simple; but rather reliable swing-folding mechanism, which allows you to significantly reduce the size of the bike. They are best suited for folding compact bikes. The axle is made of high-strength alloy, which maintains strength and rigidity while riding. The main idea of ​​folding pedals is ease of storage and transportation, they also will not allow you to cling to the bike if it is in your home. Such pedals are extremely rare, and their price is about $ 12. They are made mainly by Author and VP.

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Semi-contact pedals

If you are a fan of downhill and extreme skiing; then you should pay attention to professional pedals with a platform; and contacts (semi-contact pedal). This is a cross between MTB; and clipless pedals and they are considered to be combined, tk. applied in two disciplines. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that on the one hand there is a conventional platform, as on general-purpose bike pedals, and on the other, a special contact mechanism for fastening cycling shoes.

For the semi-contact pedals, aluminum alloys are used, and for the XC discipline, even carbon can be used. They look impressive – a lot of aggressive elements, a wide platform; on which it is very convenient to put your foot, and the presence of spikes; and contacts prevent it from slipping. You can find these pedals under the brands VP, FDP, Shimano, and others starting at $ 30.