United Detroit 1.0 and Crossline 3.00 Bike Review

United Detroit 1.0 and Crossline 3.00 Bike Review. One of the things that is unique about the MTB United Bike Detroit 1.0 is the tire size which is fairly large, which is 27.5 inches. Its size makes it look manly and sturdy, it also makes it optimal when it rubs against slippery or rocky ground. In addition to good tires, the bike made by United also has a good braking system, which uses disc brakes for the front and rear brakes. Thanks to this, the disc brakes on this bike feel more gripped and provide a sense of security.

When riding on a United Bike Detroit 1.0 bike, it will feel good, because it is supported by the Breach T80mm suspension which is good at reducing vibrations. To make it even better and stronger for cycling, then the bike chooses to use an alloy frame. With this material, the bicycle frame can be stronger and also resistant to rust. If you want to feel the safety and comfort of cycling, then this bike from United can be your choice.

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United Bike Crossline 3.00

For those of you who want to cycle in various fields, whether road or rocky, then you can use United Bike Crossline 3.00. This Mountain Bike is already full suspension, so it is suitable when used on all terrains, including off-road terrain. To make it more stable when used for off-road; this bike uses a Crossline Hydra alloy 16 “frame that has been tested strong and anti-rust. The tires are also large and wide, measuring 26 √ó 2.10, which makes traction to the ground more optimal.

To make it easier for bikers to ride; the United bike has many modes of passing that are easy to pass with a finger. The brakes that are used also have mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear, making them have grip brakes. In order for the rider to be comfortable; the bicycle is equipped with a 380 zoom fork which can withstand excessive shocks. All of the above makes it suitable for cycling with rocky or slippery terrain.