Viva Cycle and Polygon Monarch Bike Review

Viva Cycle and Polygon Monarch Bike Review. Viva Cycle MTB 26 “Morelli 560 V2.0. The best mountain bike made by Viva Cycle this one has a compact size, aka small enough for the size of a mountain bike. But because of that, this bike is very suitable for use from small children to adults. Even though we call it small, it is not very small, so that adults are still suitable to wear it on roads or rather rocky terrain. With this size, this bicycle is suitable for carrying anywhere by car or train without worrying about taking up excess space.

Apart from relying on its size, this bike is also good in terms of comfort and safety. By using a hi-ten frame, it makes the body feel firmer when used for driving. The brakes they use are also disc brakes, so stopping the bike feels better. Thanks to all these things, you can make this bike as a driving tool for your child or yourself.

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Polygon Monarch 2 Lady

The best mountain bike Polygon Monarch 2 Lady offers simplicity and ease of use. The v-brake braking system on this bike is indeed simple, but it saves more maintenance costs if something goes wrong. Gear operation is also very easy, you only need to change it with your index finger and thumb to the desired gear mode. These two things make this bike very easy to operate.

In addition, the best mountain bikes are also comfortable to use. The built-in shockbaker is made from the manufacturer Zoom which is already well known for producing shockbakers. To make it more comfortable, Polygon Monarch 2 Lady provides an ergonomic suspension, making it suitable when used on the highway or in slightly rocky terrain. Because it is easy to operate and comfortable, men or women will be suitable if you want to drive it.

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